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Cro-tatting Lesson 6

Cro-tatting Lesson 6 , or the return to the beginning.

Hello everyone! This article is a continuation of Lesson 5. Therefore, follow the link if you have not read or watched the video of the previous lesson:

In the last lesson, we disposed of the remnants of the thread. Did you succeed? And I promised to tell you in detail how to connect elements of different colors correctly. Do not throw slippers at me, because I will again talk about the front and back of tatting! Of course, I do not in any way insist on my opinion. Because every artist is entitled to their own point of view. After all, every tatter is an artist! Do you agree? And who can tell the artist exactly how CORRECT? It is possible that you will like the product, which has specially made thin “stitches” of a different color on the front side of the work.

Cro-tatting Lesson 6 Front side
Cro-tatting Lesson 6 Front side

Front or back side?

In my classes for schoolchildren, I show the difference between the wrong side and the wrong side at the very beginning of lessons. Believe me, students perceive this very easily. By the way, it is in cro-tatting that the difference between both sides of the work is very clearly visible. Especially if you use double crochet in the pattern. How unexpectedly, I had an idea for the topic of a new lesson! If you are interested in getting a pattern using double crochet in the pattern , write me in the comments please.

Cro-tatting Lesson 6 Back side
Cro-tatting Lesson 6 Back side

But, it’s time to move from words to deeds, that is, to video! So video Cro-tatting Lesson 6 :

By the way, I have a video on this subject for shuttle tatting. Maybe this will come in handy too:

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