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Free tutorial tatting earrings Nancy

Free tutorial tatting earrings Nancy, or a continuation of my gratitude jewelry collection.

Hello everyone! I named these earrings after my dear friend, amazingly touching lady with a big heart. She lives in a nature reserve and cares deeply about animals and pets. I greatly appreciate our friendship and correspondence. Thank you for your support, sympathy, help and prayers, my dear Nancy!

Free tutorial tatting earrings Nancy
Free tutorial tatting earrings Nancy

You can follow my written instructions along with watching the video. The PDF file can be downloaded for free by following the link:

I wrote a detailed list of the necessary materials and tools at the beginning of the video lesson. I used my favorite light purple color, of course! But you can take threads and beads of any color you like!

To perfectly connect the rows, I used an embroidery needle. You can watch a short video of how it works: But you can make the Catherine Wheel Join, or another connection convenient for you. I just chose the fastest and easiest!

I also used a pearl knot to create a sharp angle at the top of the earrings. Video available, please:

So, watch the detailed video on my channel. I hope you enjoy making these earrings with me, welcome:

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Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Free tutorial tatting earrings Nancy

  1. This is an awesome pattern, Thanks Elena for your hard work….. Glory to Ukraine

    1. Thank you so much for your continued support and help, Kenneth! Героям слава!

  2. Oh, you sweet friend… I’m HONORED and proud to be your friend!! These earrings are beautiful, and you used my favorite color: Purple!! I hope your fans enjoy making them 🙂
    О, милий друже… Для мене честь і гордість бути твоїм другом!! Ці сережки чудові, і ви використали мій улюблений колір: фіолетовий!! Сподіваюся, вашим шанувальникам сподобається їх робити 🙂

    1. This is the least I can thank you for your support, my dear Nancy!
      I hug you a thousand times,
      I miss your letters,

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