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Mission impossible

Mission impossible, or the suffering of a perfectionist.

Hello everyone!  Today I want to tell you how I created a small heart with great love. Because for painstaking work, you really need to love your craft, the people for whom you create your products and nature, if we want to save our Earth.

So, I once again decided to “recycle” at least part of my supplies. Because I realized that my craft supplies are filling up faster than I’m using them. I’m sure many craftswomen will understand me! Now it’s the turn of old men’s ties. Oh, I have a collection of about 50 pieces! And I decided to sew small hearts. I counted four reasons to do this. Firstly, it will free up space in my workshop. Secondly, I will give a second life to things (recycling helps us conserve natural resources). Thirdly, no one will wear these ties because they are out of fashion. And fourthly, it’s just beautiful! Oh yes, there is a fifth reason. I don’t like doing the same thing over and over again. So I decided to turn on my imagination 200%! After all, I can change color combinations, finishing stitches, and patchwork patterns as I please.

And then I realized how difficult it is to work with thin small pieces of silk. The edges of the patches literally form a fringe. The fabric “flows” between the fingers. The texture of each tie differs in the interweaving of fibers and density. In other words, “mission impossible”? It looks terrible. Calm down, don’t panic! By the way, I watched all 5 films with Tom Cruise and came to the right conclusions, LOL

Through trial and error, I found an algorithm of actions that led to an almost ideal result.


impossible task

Open and iron ties.


This is the most pleasant and at the same time the most crucial moment. You need to select the necessary components. Three ties and a piece of matching felt, polyester thread for embroidery, cotton thread for sewing and thread No. 10 for knitting. If all this does not combine well, the result will not please us.


Embroider words on felt. I liked “From Ukraine with Love”. It sounds beautiful and conveys my feelings.


Cut the ties into strips and assemble the patterns.


Sew all seams. I used a special clear sewing foot to ensure that the seams ran parallel to the pattern on the pieces of fabric. By the way, in order not to “sew on my fingers,” I use a wonderful tool – a thimble (I don’t know what it’s called correctly). Very convenient and safe!


For the hearts, I made a transparent template from plastic. I cut out the hearts and felt according to the shape of the template with an allowance of about 1 cm on all sides. I glued an embroidery stabilizer to the reverse side of the silk piece with an iron. Alas, it later turned out that this was not enough! So I first applied double sided fabric tape around the edges and then added embroidery stabilizer.


the mission is possible with the right tools

Now you need to make finishing seams at all joints. It’s so good that my wonderful Bernina performs 1131 decorative stitches! But at the same time it makes it difficult to choose, haha! By the way, I used a special foot to help me stitch exactly into the seam.


Now you can finally connect the silk piece with the felt lining.


mission assistance

This stage consists of several operations. First you need to trim off the excess fabric and felt very close to the stitching. Then sew a medium-density overcast stitch along the edges. If the result is not very good (and I am almost always unhappy!), use a lighter to burn the edge. Here you need to act very carefully so as not to spoil the main fabric and threads. I also had to make sure that my assistant didn’t burn his paws with a hot lighter!


Sew an overlock stitch along the edge one more time. But this time the seam must be very tight to get a perfect edge.


All that remains is to crochet the cord, tie a bow and sew it to the heart. Of course, you could just take a satin ribbon. But I think a handmade knitted bow gives the composition a special “cuties”!

I liked the first result so much that I decided to make several options. I’m sure no one will say that this “mission impossible”! I hope you like my idea. Ready-made hearts are available in my store:

Mission impossible
Mission impossible

7 thoughts on “Mission impossible

  1. Мені було приємно читати, як ви робите чудові прикраси-сердечка зі старих чоловічих краваток! Вони всі гарні… Мені було важко вибрати, який набір взяти, але якщо фіолетовий колір десь схожий на вибір, я зазвичай вибираю фіолетовий 😀
    Молитви та благословення Вам, Вашим рідним, друзям, домашнім улюбленцям та ВСІЙ Україні за ПЕРЕМОГУ!!
    I enjoyed reading how you make those beautiful heart ornaments from old men’s ties! They are all beautiful… it was difficult for me to choose which set to get, but if the color purple is anywhere near what choices there are to choose from, I usually choose purple 😀
    Prayers and blessings to you, your family, friends, pets and ALL of Ukraine for VICTORY!!

    1. Dear Nancy! I was glad to make hearts in purple tones for you. Because it’s one of my favorite colors! Thank you so much for your support and help always!

  2. I love them! they may be frustrating at times to make, but they are very Cute!
    Thanks for letting us know about your steps.

    1. Thank You so much for the kind words and support, Jeanne! Perhaps sometimes the creation process turns out to be long and complicated. But the result is worth it!

  3. I love your process! You are such a perfectionist. Thank for sharing. 😀

  4. very nice!

    1. Thank You Ruthie for support my blog!

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