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More and more hearts

More and more hearts, or how to make a cute gift for Valentine’s Day.

Hello everyone! Valentine’s Day is literally around the corner! I want to congratulate everyone on this lovely holiday. Of course, not all countries celebrate this day. But it seems to me that this is a great opportunity to say words of love and gratitude to everyone who is dear to us!

If you allow, I will share my tricks on how to make a heart neat and symmetrical.

Of course, I made a short video illustrating my tips.

Firstly, don’t make the double stitches very tight, this will make your task easier when tightening the ring.
Secondly, you can use the braiding method with a large loop in the middle of the Heart. This is especially useful if you are using thin threads.
Third, if you tat with a needle, make the heart in two parts. By the way, for connecting picot in this case it is better to use a hook rather than a needle.

More and more hearts

When I made three versions of hearts, I got the idea to connect them together. I made a “braid” from the tails of the threads and got a “Three Leaf Clover” from the hearts. I hope you like this idea!

Of course, I couldn’t resist making new hearts pattern for Valentine’s Day. And this time I made More and More hearts – a whole fireworks of hearts! The pattern is available in my store. Check, please:

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. So pretty. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank You so much for support my blog, Gwendolyn!

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