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Organization of space in the craft room

Organization of space in the craft room, or how to store thread supplies.

Hello everyone! Today I organized my polyester thread supplies. I do this periodically. For some reason my thread supply is not decreasing. I think it’s due to frequent visits to the craft store. Ah, my willpower does not work at all when I see beautiful threads, fabrics, beads, accessories… (the list goes on and on!). I’m not a shopaholic, I’m a collector!

Of course, like any master, while working in the studio I have “artistic chaos”! But after finishing the project, I return the tools and the remaining supplies to their places.

Organization of scissors in the craft room

These are not surgical instruments, these are my scissors! (the photo is old, so now there are a little more scissors).

I hung the most frequently used ones on the “scissor tree”! My handsome husband made this organizer for me. The rest of the scissors are in the box. On the shelves in boxes are accessories for jewelry, needle shuttles and hooks for tatting, and various small items.

Organization of threads in the craft room

Sewing threads are always in place. Two organizers for small and large spools were made for me… You already know who!

I store large balls of cotton thread in two wicker baskets. It’s better to put each ball in a plastic bag, so they don’t collect dust.

I always have a problem with polyester balls. These are the threads I use most often in my work. For example, I made this set of bookmarks from polyester threads in all the colors of the rainbow.
At first I put the balls in a basket, then I decided to use a plastic container with a lid. But such storage is very inconvenient. And besides, the threads get tangled and intertwined unless I secure the tail of the thread with a piece of tape (and I sometimes forget to do this). It takes a lot of time and patience to unravel this mess!

While making my next thread purchase, I received two transparent thin plastic boxes from the store. They are not very convenient for storage because they are fragile and soft. But I have a large roll of cardboard and skillful hands! (Is it okay that I’m bragging, LOL!?)
I made four cardboard boxes. Each box holds 10 balls. And two plastic boxes magically became four lids. Now each ball lies in its own “nest”. I don’t have to search for a long time for a ball of the right color, because I can see everything through the transparent lid. But I still have some balls left in a white plastic box. I think I need to buy more thread with a clear box…

Do you also praise yourself when you organize your supplies? Or are your threads always in perfect storage? I will be very interested if you share in the comments how you organization of space in the craft room.

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2 thoughts on “Organization of space in the craft room

  1. OH, how clever you are!! I would love to have a handy man like your sweet husband… the scissors tree and your wall shelving for the craft equipment, and the thread holders on the wall are wonderful!!
    You had a great idea to make the see through tops for the boxes you have your threads in!!
    I continue to pray for safety and good health for you, your family and all of Ukraine! 🙂
    Ой, який ти розумний!! Я б хотіла мати такого спритного чоловіка, як твій милий чоловік… ялинка з ножицями та твої настінні полиці для рукоділля, а також тримачі для ниток на стіні чудові!!
    У вас була чудова ідея зробити прозорі верхи для коробок, у яких ви тримаєте нитки!!
    Продовжую молитися за безпеку та міцне здоров’я Вам, Вашій родині та всій Україні! 🙂

    1. Дякую від усього серця, люба Ненсі , за Вашу підтримку, молитви та велике серце! Обіймаю!

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Nancy, for your support, prayers and Your big heart! I hug!

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