Christmas garland, white snowflakes


Christmas garland, white snowflakes


Tatting Lace Christmas garland white snowflakes – unique decoration for any of your celebrations! These snowflakes never melt on your Christmas tree!

Garland is made up of five snowflakes .
Garland #1: 14cm(5,5in),8x8cm(3x3in), 8x8x8cm(3x3x3in), 7,5cm(2,9in), 4cm(1,5in) ;
Garland #2: 10,5cm(4,1in), 8x8cm(3x3in), 9cm(3,5in), 7x5cm(2,7×1,9in),4cm(1,5in);
Garland #3: 11,5cm(4,5in), 11,5cm(4,5in), 8,5cm(3,3in), 5,5×5,5cm(2,2×2,2in);
Garland #4: 13cm(5in), 8x8cm(3x3in),9cm(3,5in), 5x5cm(1,9×1,9in), 4x3cm(1,5×1,2in) ;
Garland #5: 12cm(4,7in),8,5cm(3.3in),9x8cm(3,5x3in),6,5×6,5cm(2,5×2,5in),4cm(1,5in) .

When buying let me know what kind of garland you want (in the photo gallery). Prices are for one garland. Discount is available when you place a large order.

Tatting is a technique for handcrafting a particularly durable lace constructed by a series of knots and loops. Tatting dates to the early 19th century. It’s a rare workmanship these days.


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