Lace earrings Something Blue


Tatting Earrings Something blue is an infinitely cute and tender earrings for a romantic bride! Very light, almost weightless tatting earrings.


Lace earrings Something Blue. These tatting lace earrings is an infinitely cute and tender earrings for a romantic bride! And by the way, you get not only something blue, but also something new, acquiring these weightless earrings.  I woven 201 light blue beads into each earring. You will love this exquisite combination of shades of blue, I’m sure. And also you will appreciate the lightness and airiness of these earrings. Because despite the length, these earrings are very lightweight. You will not notice that you have them!

If you would like to purchase these bridesmaid earrings, just let me know. To do this, write to me on the listing comment, email or FB:
For more pairs of earrings I give a good discount of course.


Length 2,5 in (6 сm).

Materials and tools

Mercerized cotton thin threads of pale blue, scissors, tatting shuttle, beads, earrings hooks.


I sending all items as STANDARD SHIPPING AVIA with tracking number. So you can follow the journey of your ordered items and keep track of the delivery.
I will pack your tatting lace earrings Something Blue in handmade eco-friendly cardboard box with my lace logo ( for each pair, if specified in the preliminary discussion). Taxes, packaging, shipping are included in cost.

Usually delivery times vary from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the country of destination. But please note, during pre-holiday periods, delivery times may increase. Of course, you can buy express shipping here:
Express shipping 5 ~ 7 business days from the date the parcel was sent.

If you are interested in seeing the process of weaving tatting lace, then welcome to my YouTube channel:

Also, feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thanks!


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