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Best name for tatting doily

Best name for tatting doily – this is the topic of today’s competition!

Hello everyone! I wrote on May 2 what I am doing in quarantine. A lot of entertainment, a few lessons and a little tatting, be sure! You saw how I started a new project.

Finally, I finished my new tatting doily. Do you like it? I used tight triple rings and wavy chains. And now I need to find a suitable name for this doily. Again, I decided to turn to you for help, my dear readers and subscribers! Who will come up with a better name? Let’s have a contest!

Best name for tatting doily
Best name for tatting doily

Conditions of the competition:

  1. Write your name for this doily in the comments.
  2. Share a link to my blog on social networks.


The winner will receive a FREE pattern for this doily.

The first 10 participants will receive a special coupon code with a 30% discount on patterns in my store.

The winner will be determined by a toss.

I will write the results of the competition in the next post, June 17th. Subscribe to my blog so as not to miss this event!

Visit my store, welcome:

You can also watch a video on my YouTube channel:

I hope you help me come up with an incredible name for my new doily! Good luck!

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Who did win

Who did win? Have you been looking forward to this day, just like me?

Today I announce the results of the “Gift for Valentine’s Day” contest.

Thanks so much to all the subscribers to my blog. I am grateful to everyone for the attention to my blog and kind words. But, unfortunately, too few subscribers took part in the competition. However, I hope next time the activity will be higher!

Now I will tell you how I determined the winner. That was not easy. Because every commentator deserves a victory, in my opinion. Here are the names of candidates: Natalie, Наталья Зяславская , Maureen, Jeretta, Anke, Linda B, Suelyn Pemberton , Polina , Emilia , NANCY .

I wrote the names of these participants on small sheets of paper .

Then I rolled up the sheets and put them in a transparent container.

I made a short video of the most important moment. What sheet will I get? Who did win?

Congratulations, Maureen!!!!

Other participants: Natalie, Natalya Zyaslavskaya, Jeretta, Anke, Linda B, Suelyn Pemberton, Polina, Emilia, NANCY receive a coupon code for a 20% discount. You can use this coupon for any item in the “Tating in Resin” category:

Dear winner and participants! Check your email. I will send a letter how you can get your prize.

Congratulate everyone! Thank you for your participation and wait for new contests!
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Results of the competition for tatters

Results of the competition for tatters summed up today! So I hope you enjoyed the contest and you took part in it with pleasure.

Firstly, I thank all the participants of my competition! Thanks for the great names for my new doily (your fantasy is commendable, of course!).
Secondly, I got into a rather difficult situation. It’s impossible to choose – all the names are beautiful and I like everything! Therefore, it was necessary to conduct a secret voting. Thirdly, I decided to slightly change the rules of the competition. According to the new rule results of the competition for tatters these are:


The author of the best name and the most active follower will receive as gift for tatters “Three snowflakes tatting patter” free,

SIX participants receive tatting pattern 3D Bow.

Ta-daaaaa!!!! Here are the winners:

Diane Brown – first prize;

second prizes:

Amritha Prabhu, Bebe, Jacqueline Rot, Joan Thomas , Linda Barnes, Michele Waite!!!!!!!

And finally, my new doily gets its wonderful name: Winter Glitz. Translated from German, this means Winter Shine. But I really like how it sounds in German. It is sounds bright and dazzling, like the radiance of the sun on immaculately white snow! Thank You, Diane Brown!

Results of the competition for tatters - Winter Glitz - tatting doily
Results of the competition for tatters – Winter Glitz

Dear winners, check your email, please! I sent you patterns.

But these are not all gifts! My Christmas present for you – 10% discount on all patterns in my store. Coupon Code: PATTERNXMASDECOR

Subscribe to my blog. Comment and ask questions. I will be happy to help with tips!

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Gift for tatters

Right now, a gift for tatters, who active subscribers to my blog! Want to get a gift from FairyLace? You welcome!

Only blog subscribers can participate in the prize draw.

  1. Subscribe to my blog;
  2. Give a name to my new lace doily and write this wonderful name in the comments to this post;
  3. Post a link to this post on social networks (the more links, the more chances you have for a prize!).
  4. Follow me on social networks: FB – Instagram – Twitter – Pinterest – YouTube –

The author of the best name and the most active follower will receive as gift for tatters “Three snowflakes tatting patter” free,
two second prizes – Tatting Pattern 3D Bow.

So, this is a doily that awaits a beautiful name!

Gift for tatters, pattern doily

Comments and reposts are counted until October 7, inclusive. The results will be announced on October 8th. Good luck to all!