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How to make acute angle in chain

How to make acute angle in chain, or hearts are never too many.

Hello everyone!  Thanks for the support of my blog and new subscribers!

I often ask you to write in the comments what you would like to learn new about tatting. This helps me a lot when looking for topics for the next post. Because when I answer your question, I firmly believe that this topic excites you. Here’s one new question from my customer: how to make acute angle in tatting. And as usual, I made a video for three tatting methods: shuttle, needle and hook. Watch my video and come back.(I hope you will continue reading until the end!)

Why do you need acute corner in lace? Oh, I can talk for hours about new methods, new shapes, new tools! Yes, I love to learn new things. And you? Classic tatting patterns of rings and arcs are beautiful (almost always). I agree, of course. But sometimes there is a need for stylization. For example, if I am making a heart pattern, I cannot do without a sharp corner. Otherwise, the pattern will not be perfect.

I have created a collection of hearts. And in my opinion, these hearts look pretty cute 🙂

How to make acute angle in chain

You can buy a pattern for each heart separately in my store. Or buy three patterns together at an attractive price, welcome!

How to make acute angle in chain

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Measuring sticks or picot gauge

Measuring sticks or picot gauge. How to make neat long picots. What tool is better to use for this.

Hello everyone! In early autumn, I finished creating my Summer Mood collection. After the blog post, many readers asked me which measuring sticks for long picots I used. Therefore, I decided to talk in detail on this topic. So, measuring sticks or picot gauge. I will share my experience and my opinion. Your opinion may be different, of course. Therefore, I ask you to share your opinion in the comments, please.

First, by tradition, I must start with history. But I don’t want to waste your time on long historical sentences. It is absolutely clear to me that tatting measuring sticks have been used for a long time. The next photo confirms this.

Photo signed: Antique bone tatting spatulas.

Very interesting, measuring sticks were called spatulas ?!

There are a wide variety of picot tools out there these days.

There is a variant of combining gauge for tatting needles and picots . I don’t like this kind of tool. In my opinion, it is too uncomfortable and cumbersome for weaving picot. Possibly just for measurement.

In my opinion, such sets are much more convenient. But these sticks are handy for tatting shuttles. For tatting with a needle, the wide ends get in the way. Anyway, for me.

The ideal option is straight plastic sticks of different widths. I found this picture on the Internet.

My measuring sticks for long picot

When I bought a set of mesh needles, I was very happy. Because this set includes three plastic sticks. They are long enough, smooth, comfortable. But only three sizes. And the package went sooooo long. And I need a lot of picot gauge of different sizes and urgently! To you too?

For example, to create this collar, I used 10 strips of different widths.

I took thick cardboard and cut out 10 strips of the desired width. The length of the stripes is whatever is convenient for you. I have signed a number on each strip. This number indicates the width of the strip in millimeters. Then I covered each strip with scotch tape for better glide. This method is perfect! You can make as many measuring sticks as you like, quickly and easily. Is not it?

Another option is to make spatulas (haha) from used plastic cards. But you have to try, because cutting such a card neatly and neatly is not very easy. But you get a graceful, smooth and durable strip.

Also, I don’t throw away ANY plastic sticks. For example, ice cream sticks. It’s a shame they only have one size.

Helpful advice for use measuring sticks

Pay attention to how the measuring stick is positioned during weaving. The strip can be parallel or perpendicular to the work. This will determine how long the picot will turn out in the finished form.

For example, in this photo, the cardboard strip is located perpendicular to the work. The shuttle and ball threads are located on both sides of the strip. Therefore, in the finished form, the picot will turn out to be two times shorter (in this version, 7, 5 millimeters). By the way, this method is suitable for weaving only one picot at a time.

But if you want to make several picots in a row, you need to position the stick perpendicularly. And in this case, the finished picots will be the same length as the measuring stick is wide.

The same applies to tatting with a needle.

I invite you to check out my pattern patterns using long picots. I hope you will enjoy. Especially, off 10% for you! Coupon code OFF10HAPPYPATTERN is valid until December 31st. Welcome!

I also hope my video will be interesting and useful to you.

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Long picot in a new doily

Long picot in a new doily

Hello everyone!

I try very hard to create a new project every week, do you remember? And now I am very interested in the possibility of combining long picot. Because, this is extremely exciting, believe me!

I plan to create a small collection of patterns using long picots. So, I wrote in a previous post about the first pattern in this series. I called this napkin “Mandala.”

And the Mandala pattern is already on sale, welcome:

In the next model, I combined picot of different lengths. It turned out interesting. This pattern is not for beginner tatters, of course. But we must always evolve, right? I simply have to try new tricks, new methods. Because I feel how each new knowledge increases my self-esteem. Yes, don’t be surprised. I am also sure that the long picot in the new doily creates lightness and airiness. You know that these properties are especially appreciated in lace. Do you agree with me?

I hope you appreciate my new job. And I would like to know if it is worth creating a collection of such napkins? If you write your opinion in the comments, I will be glad 🙂

So, this is what my new doily looks like. Again, I am at a loss in choosing a name, alas 🙂 I will try to make instructions as soon as possible (maybe by the end of the week). By this time I should come up with a name as well.

Long picot in a new doily

Also you can watch the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel, welcome:

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New week new project

New week new project.

Hello everyone! On June 17, my competition for the best name for tatting doily ended. Ah, how many beautiful names, how many kind words I received! It’s amazing! I am extraordinarily inspired. And after a wonderful weekend (I hope your weekend was also good!) I start my new week with a new project.

I decided to use an interesting technique for the center of this doily. It looks like bobbin lace, doesn’t it?

New week new project
New week new project

I want to call this doily “Wheel of Time”. Because the alternation of dense and airy rows reminds me of the running of time in our lives. I think each of you has come across “long” days when time goes on endlessly. And I know there are so “swift” days that fly by like an instant. This is the wheel of time that moves without stopping, then slowing down, then accelerating. Zoe Carbajales came up with this name. I hope she will not mind using this name for my new project.

Previous option

So, I did this project 7 years ago. And the previous version of this template looked like this.

Grey mandala doily

Now I decided to slightly change the general appearance, changed the color and thickness of the threads. I’m very interested in your opinion on the title. Therefore write in the comments, please. Is the “Wheel of Time” suitable for this doily?

By the way, pay attention to the personalized shuttle that I use. Do you want one for yourself? Check out my store, please:

You can also watch a video on my YouTube channel, welcome:

So, I will try to finish the pattern at the end of the week. Anyway, I will try! But after tat, I will need to draw a graphical diagram in a computer program, write instructions and mount a video tutorial. Yes, I plan to add a video to this manual. Do you think the video helps a lot? Or is it a waste of time? Oh, I’m talking about time again! Write your opinions in the comments.

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Announcement of winners

Announcement of winners contest for the best name of my new doily. Competition for masters and tatting fans. What is the name of my new doily?

Best name for tatting doily

Thanks so much to all the participants! You came up with a lot of great name options for my new doily.
Lot determined the winner! You can see the video report on my YouTube channel:

So, the winner is Joan Thomas! My doily got the name “Honeycomb”! Joan receives a FREE doily “Honeycomb” tutorial. And also Coupon Code 30% discount on all patterns in my store.
The first 10 participants receive a Coupon Code 30% discount on all patterns in my store.

  1. Michele ;
  2. Wally;
  3. Isabella;
  4. Dawn;
  5. Connie Lewis;
  6. Andrea Fruggiero;
  7. Michelle;
  8. Mary G Chandler;
  9. Sarah;
  10. Helga.

I really liked ALL the names! Of course, I could not ignore all the participants. Therefore, I give the Coupon Code 20% discount on all patterns in my store for other participants.
Your prizes will be sent to everyone by e-mail registered when participating in the competition. Check ALL folders, please. My message may go to the spam folder if you have not added me to your contact list.

So, the Announcement of winners has taken place. I thank all the participants and congratulate the winners!

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My perfect wedding anniversary

My perfect wedding anniversary , or how I wanted to become a perfectionist. 🙂

Hello everyone! I hope all my readers and subscribers are healthy too. Take care of yourself! Stay at home!

In January, my husband and I had a wedding anniversary. My handsome man gave me an amazing pair of champagne glasses. These are such beautiful glasses, I was delighted! But there is no limit to perfection. And I decided to surprise my husband. You know that I’m a fan of tatting. And my blog is about this art form (mostly, of course). So I wanted to decorate our glasses with lace. But the lace should be original and unusual, right? Otherwise my perfect wedding anniversary will not be perfect. Such thoughts overwhelmed my incapable head, ha-ha!

Two glasses for the bride and groom look great in “clothes”. It should look like a white lace bride dress and a suit with a bow tie for a man. Of course, I made a very quickly black bow for a “man’s” glass. And I had to work hard on the magnificent skirt of the “bride”.

If you want to make such a 3D bow, the pattern can be bought here:

I took a small piece of light transparent tulle to make my lace skirt very fluffy.

Then I glued the black and white silk ribbon onto the glasses using double-sided tape. Then I fixed a black bow and a fluffy skirt on glass goblets. And voila! You can see what I got as a result. I heard a lot of compliments from my beloved husband!

My perfect wedding anniversary
My perfect wedding anniversary

Our wedding anniversary is long gone, but you can write your congratulations in the comments. I will be very pleased. And also share what decorations you make for family celebrations.

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What am I doing in quarantine

What am I doing in quarantine

What am I doing in quarantine.

Hello everyone! I hope all my readers and subscribers are healthy too. Take care of yourself! Stay at home!

So, we cannot make a difference. But we must change our attitude towards this situation. Let’s look at our “house arrest” in a positive way. Look, how many positive points I have identified for myself! Firstly, I chatting with my family every minute of every day. This is real happiness! Secondly, I teach my angel, my granddaughter to weave lace. Thirdly, we follow fashion. Fourth, I can not rush anywhere. So, first things first. 🙂

I am proud of my granddaughter. She is very talented. Maria made this bookmark for her math textbook in 4 days. Do you remember that my granddaughter is only 7 years old? And I just recently showed her how to make a tatting needle. This is phenomenal, isn’t it?

Of course, Mary does not leave our quiet corner. But I sewing a mask for her too. This is very relevant now. So that’s fashionable. (Do you remember that we are only looking for positive points?)

And I am gradually coming to the end of my new project. Because tatting is my passion. And my motto: not a day without lace!

I told what am I doing in quarantine. What are you doing? Write in the comments how quarantine affects your life, please. Can you find a positive?

Do you like this hair clip? You can easily and quickly make this beautiful 3D bow. Enter the coupon code MYFAVPAT10 and get a 10% discount on this lesson. The discount is valid until May 10. Welcome!

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Tatting curl

Tatting curl. How to make curl in beginning work.

Hello everyone! I recently made a new pattern for tatting earrings ” Valentine “. By the way, now you can buy any pattern at a discount 10%. Use coupon code: OFF10HAPPYPATTERN

Tatting curl

I used curl in these earrings. After posting to the FB, you asked me how to do this.

So I decided to tell you more about how I make curls. There are several subtleties. Take my advice. And then your curls will look perfect!

First trick

You must try to ensure that all nodes are strong enough. Do you know that you can determine the nature of a person by nodes? Yes, psychologists know many tricks to analyze us! If your nodes are very strong, you have a solid and even somewhat tough character. If you make free knots, then most likely your character is soft and calm. Please write in the comments if your nodes match your character! It is very interesting. Because my nodes even depend on my mood, yes! Oh, I’m a little distracted! So, tatting curl. What you need for a perfect curl. Firstly, try to make your nature very solid at this moment 🙂 The stronger the knots you tie, the better it a curl will hold the form.

Second trick

We start tat with a chain sometimes. Of course, it depends on the pattern. In this case, it is convenient to use a paper clip. But for curl, this does not work absolutely. Because you get a weak knot at the beginning of the curl after disconnecting the paper clip. What to do? I take a small piece of thread. How it works, check out my video. This my video shows three methods of tatting, as usual: tatting with a shuttle, tatting with a needle and cro-tatting. You can easily and simply make a curl at the beginning of weaving.

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How to make tatting grass

How to make tatting grass. My new video tutorial.

Hello everyone! See how cute lace appliques I made for my granddaughter. These cute pictures adorn my Maria’s nursery.

Of course, these tatting are made with great love for my angel!

I will not tell in detail how to make a butterfly. Because I’m sure that all tatters can do this! Even beginners lace-makers know that four rings can be put together in a cute butterfly. Do you agree?

How to weave a flower in 4 minutes, see here, welcome:

Also in my pictures there is a tree, a big daisy, the sun and a cloud. If you are interested, you can buy these patterns in my store.

Finally, today I did a new video tutorial on how to make tatting grass. And of course, in this video I show all three methods of tatting . It’s tatting shuttle, tatting needle and cro-tatting. By the way, for the shuttle, I showed two ways. Therefore, you can choose the one that you like best. But I will tell you a little secret. I like to use the second method (pearl weaving) for grass. Perhaps I don’t quite know the designation of this method. But you will probably understand me after showing video. Subscribe to my video channel, like and comment.

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Tatting in resin part 5

Tatting in resin part 5. Hello everyone! Without a long introduction, I continue the story of how I do tatting in resin.

So, our mixture of resin and hardener is ready. We made a transparent, homogeneous substance.

Now I fill the molds with resin using a syringe.

At the very beginning of the work, I calculated the required volume of resin and divided it by 2. Do you remember? Because I fill the molds only to half. I tried to fill completely, but got a sad result. In this case, the lace is deformed and bent in resin.

Then I cover the filled forms with a plastic container. I use forms after cakes, but you may find something else.

And I cover a plastic container with a piece of cloth. I hide tar from the sun, so as not to get terrible yellowed products.

Now I will leave the resin for about 2 hours. I observe the degree of cure of the resin, because this is a very important point. You should get a soft, sticky surface. But the resin does not have to be very liquid. Because then the pieces of lace are deformed. And we will get a sad result. By the way, I tat in advance pieces of tatting .

Then I put pieces of lace and beads in the molds. I do this with tweezers. After all, it turns out neater and more convenient.

After that, I cover the molds with a container and a cloth. I can do other things now! Typically, the resin solidifies completely after 20-24 hours. After that I continue the tatting process in resin.

Tatting in resin part 5. Second fill

So, the next day I repeat the pouring process. That is, I mix the resin and fill the second half of the molds.

I get 2-3 air bubbles in the fill sometimes. And then I easily remove the bubbles with a wooden stick.

And then I put the molds under the container and the fabric again for 20-24 hours.

I hope you are not very tired of reading such a long text. “Tatting in resin part 5” turned out to be the penultimate post about my experience. But now I suggest you have fun and relax. Have a nice weekend! I will finish the topic “tatting in resin” next time necessarily. Thanks for the support and attention to my blog.
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