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Hiding end threads in tatting

Hiding end threads in tatting.

Oh, I already wrote before that I don’t like to hide the ends of threads. Does any of you love this? How terrible it is: to remove a lot of cut ends, worrying so that they do not come apart. Many tatters come up with how to make this process easier. Beginner tatters master the classical methods. In any case, it was so with me. Here you can watch my video, which shows in detail how I did it before.

I have studied many textbooks and videos on the Internet over ten years of my practice of tatting. Of course, there are many interesting and useful master classes for hiding end threads in tatting. But I did not find any material that combines the three methods of tatting: shuttle, needle and hook. My goal is to promote all kinds of tatting. Therefore I hope you will be interested in my experience!

So, a short review of today’s video. I like make large laced items, such as doily, tablecloths, collars, etc. In this case, I will have to “lengthen” the thread several times. And should try to make the snapping of the thread invisible and durable. After all, it is very important from an aesthetic and practical point of view! If I hide both cut ends in one ring or one chain, I get a thickening. (I don’t even consider the option with four threads at once!) Therefore, it is better to tie a new thread at the junction of two or more elements. Example in the photo.

Hiding end threads in tatting

You can modify and improve my experience, of course. I will be glad if you share in the comments your ways of hiding end threads in tatting. Welcome!

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Tatting split chain

Tatting, split chain, new video tutorial.
I already wrote that I really don’t like to hide threads in tat (and nobody likes, right? 🙂 Therefore, I try to do tatting without cutting the thread between the rows. In one of my past posts, I showed you how to go from row to row using an split ring.
Today’s post is very short. I don’t want to take your time to read, because you can better watch a video with wonderful music like Mozart! So today, my new video. This a tatting lesson on how to make a split chain. As usual, I show all three types of tatting: shuttle tatting , needle tatting and cro-tatting. Perhaps for needle tatters this video will be especially interesting. Because for a tatting needle, there are two methods to make a split chain. So, welcome to my YouTube channel:

Tatting. Split chain_Moment
Tatting. Split chain_Moment

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Front and back side tatting

Does front and back side tatting? Oh yes of course! Are you surprised? Often novice tatters do not pay attention to this nuance. However, following this rule will help you make your lace more neat and presentable. Want to test yourself? Look carefully at these photos. Which of these earrings do you think is right? You can write your option in the comments, please!

The correct earrings in photo 1 and 4. Let’s see what is wrong with earrings 2 and 3? All rings in earrings 2 and 3 are made wrong, unfortunately. Therefore, picots at the rings in these cases look messy. Compare lilac earrings with red earrings. The difference is obvious! Do you agree?

I do not get tired of repeating this rule to my students, and I always write this reminder in the instructions for my patterns:

When making the double stitches on the back side, make the second half of the second stitch fixture and the first half of the double stitch next

So, if you are not yet using this rule in your tatting, try it! I am sure you will like the new look of your lace. Such work requires more focus and attention, of course. But it’s worth it. Because the front and back side of your tatting will turn out perfect! But again, each tatter chooses a method that he likes best.

I want to draw your attention to the following fact. I did not come up with this method, of course. This method has existed for a long time. Not everyone pays attention to the differences as a result of the first and second method.
This is an excerpt from Book 6 “Tatting Talk: A Self-Improvement Guide for Tatters” Needle Tatting Basics Part 2 by Georgia Seitz revised 6-21-98:
Remember, if you prefer the all right side up look, just do the half stitches in reverse order.
And, of course, I suggest visiting the blog from Frivole: The article is very interesting and reveals deeper terminology (I did not try to make my post so professional).

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