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Tatting in resin final

Tatting in resin, final. Hello everyone! I hope you weren’t scared by my long, long, long story of how I do tatting in resin. Because in fact, this process is not so complicated and long. You will need only attention and accuracy for successful execution. And of course, I would really like to see more of your feedback and comments, please.

Tatting in resin final
Tatting in resin, final

So, the last time we stopped at the second fill. I usually leave molds with resin for 2 days. Because during this time, the resin completely hardens.

I release frozen products from molds. Unfortunately, not all molds have openings. Therefore, I have to do it myself.

I use a small hand drill and drills with a diameter of 2 mm.

When drilling holes, you must place the product on a flat surface. But be sure to lay a cloth so that your resin does not get scratched. You do not want to spoil this beauty! Yes?

Now that all the products have holes,

I insert paper clips into these holes.

After all, now the time has come to varnish finished products. And it’s very convenient for me to hold the products by a paper clip. I rotate the frozen resin in different directions and apply the protective varnish evenly. Very easy!

Then I hang up the varnished items to dry. By the way, I use my cake molds and long knitting needles. And I MANDATORY hide my products from the sun (I cover it with a cloth again).

I strictly adhere to the instructions of the varnish manufacturer. Therefore, I repeat the process in 2-3 hours. That is, I varnish the product twice!

Look what happens to the resin, which I did not hide from the sun during the work and did not varnish.

Finally, the finishing touch remained! I attach the necessary metal fittings.

And finally, “cherry on the cake”! This is my branded packaging. Next time I will talk about this in detail.

Hooray! I did it! My long story “Tatting in the resin” is over. Ask questions in the comments, subscribe to my blog to be in the know!

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