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Who did win

Who did win? Have you been looking forward to this day, just like me?

Today I announce the results of the “Gift for Valentine’s Day” contest.

Thanks so much to all the subscribers to my blog. I am grateful to everyone for the attention to my blog and kind words. But, unfortunately, too few subscribers took part in the competition. However, I hope next time the activity will be higher!

Now I will tell you how I determined the winner. That was not easy. Because every commentator deserves a victory, in my opinion. Here are the names of candidates: Natalie, Наталья Зяславская , Maureen, Jeretta, Anke, Linda B, Suelyn Pemberton , Polina , Emilia , NANCY .

I wrote the names of these participants on small sheets of paper .

Then I rolled up the sheets and put them in a transparent container.

I made a short video of the most important moment. What sheet will I get? Who did win?

Congratulations, Maureen!!!!

Other participants: Natalie, Natalya Zyaslavskaya, Jeretta, Anke, Linda B, Suelyn Pemberton, Polina, Emilia, NANCY receive a coupon code for a 20% discount. You can use this coupon for any item in the “Tating in Resin” category:

Dear winner and participants! Check your email. I will send a letter how you can get your prize.

Congratulate everyone! Thank you for your participation and wait for new contests!
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Gift for Valentine’s Day

Gift for Valentine’s Day! Do you like to receive gifts? I am sure that you like it very much, as I do! However, I love giving gifts too. Like I’m a real fairy. Soon Valentine’s Day. This is such a sweet holiday. Of course, this is a day dedicated to love. And the traditional symbol of love is the heart. So, this little heart I will send to the winner of today’s contest. This very cute gift .

Gift for Valentine's Day
Gift for Valentine’s Day

Conditions of the competition “Gift for Valentine’s Day”

1. Subscribe to my blog.

2. Leave a comment on this post.

3. The winner will be determined by drawing lots. First place – tatting heart in resin.

4.Also, subscribers who write the first ten comments will receive a personal 20% discount on the purchase of any item from the section “Tatting in resin”.

 The draw will be held ONLY among blog subscribers. You can subscribe in the window on the right of this post page. Announcement of the competition results on January 31th. So, if you want to receive cute keychain, hurry up!

Support this contest in social networks. Links are welcome!

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Molds and epoxy resin

Molds and epoxy resin. Where to buy and how to choose supplies for your creativity.

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays are over. I hope you had fun like me! But it’s time to get back to work. You asked me a lot of questions after a series of my posts about tatting in resin. The most common question: where to buy molds and resin? Therefore, I am returning to this topic today.  

So, I wrote which molds I use (check out my post on December 2, 2019).


However, it is difficult for me to indicate the store where I bought these supplies. Because it is impossible, alas! Of course, I buy all these materials in online stores. After all, it is convenient and fast. But you have to choose yourself where to make a purchase. I hope my reasoning helps you.

Molds and epoxy resin
Molds and epoxy resin

So, I do as follows. First, I select the appropriate molds for my project in internet, then I look for a store on Ali Express (this is not an advertisement !!!). I try to buy everything I need from one seller. In this case, good discounts are obtained. I also choose free shipping. Many sellers have this option. But there is one drawback. The package shipping on for a long time, almost a whole month. However, I am very patient! Haha It is more difficult to choose suitable molds in Ukrainian online stores (I live in Ukraine, do you know?). Because the assortment here is not so diverse. And the prices are undeniably higher. But the plus is that for a minuscule fee I get the package in 2-3 days! This method I choose when I do not have time and patience to wait 🙂


I can talk for a long time and in detail about the resin that I use! Imagine, I tried several types of resin from different manufacturers. Also, I ruined a whole liter of resin before I got a good result. In the end, I found the best combination of quality, price and delivery speed. For me at least. 🙂 This is Magic Crystal resin. This modified resin is made in Ukraine. Employees of the “Institute of Binders and Adhesives” are talented and experienced specialists. I am proud of my compatriots! This is a link to the official website of the company. I am sure you will like it.

In conclusion, I want to report on the next post. Attention! I am planning a prize draw for Valentine’s Day. You have a chance to get this sweet heart from FairyLace. To do this, be sure to subscribe to my blog and stay tuned. Soon, soon, soon!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year, my dear friends! I congratulate you on the beginning of the new year. Best wishes from all my heart!

Happy New Year – I wish you well,
What things may come no-one can tell.
Yet blessings surely can be found,
I hope that plenty come around!

I really like to celebrate the new year. This is a fabulous day. All of us at heart always remain children. Is not it? Therefore, each of us loves fairy tales, gifts, magic.

I really like decorating the house in Christmas and New Year traditions. Decor begins at the door, of course. This year I made such a wreath.

happy new year
Happy new year

But the most interesting is gifts. My granddaughter cannot wait to open gifts! My little angel is asking me. What will be in the boxes, what will be in the boxes? I was silent, did not give out secrets! But I felt sorry for my granddaughter. I said that I prepared the same gifts for everyone, but different at the same time. With this phrase I confused my baby completely. Can you guess what it was? This year I prepared unusual gifts for my family. These are coasters using technique tatting in resin, of course! 10 different coasters – it was not easy.


And for my friends I made snowflakes in resin. These are little cute souvenirs. These snowflakes look great on a Christmas tree.

Snowflakes in resin

The most important thing in these gifts is my love and a piece of my heart, which I put in each knot.

You can buy personalized coasters in my store. Any pictures, any compositions – nothing is impossible:

In conclusion, I want to tell you again, dear friends: Happy New Year! Be happy!

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