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Tatting for beginners, base knot

Tatting for beginners, base knot

Hello, everyone! I’m sure many of my readers are not new tatters. And some very famous and skilled craftsmen of this handicraft. By the way, I am very proud of each of my subscribers! I am also grateful to everyone for supporting my blog.

I also have a YouTube channel, you can subscribe to keep abreast of updates. And today I just added a new video: Tatting for beginners, base knot.

Oh, why repeat the same thing, you ask. Of course, I don’t argue. So many videos show how to make a basic tatting node. Each master shows his favorite technique. Some people like the shuttle, others prefer the needle. Everyone may have a different method of tying the knot. I know many newbies can get confused not knowing what to choose. Therefore, I decided to collect in one video 4 methods of how to make a double stitch tatting.

Base knot with shuttle

The first method is for the shuttle. This method is the most ergonomic in my opinion. You will have to hold the shuttle with only two fingers at all times. Therefore, this method is convenient for small and lightweight shuttles. Or you have to take a break from work if your fingers get tired 🙂

The second method is also for the shuttle. But you can use this method with a netting needle quite successfully.

Base knot with needle

The third and fourth methods are for tatting with a needle. The only difference is the use of different fingers to form a knot on the needle.

You can choose any method, of course. But I advise you to learn everything. The more you know, the wider your possibilities are!

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The perfect start to two-tone lace

The perfect start to two-tone lace, or how to hide the threads at the beginning of work.

Hello, everyone! In today’s post, I want to tell you how I hide the threads at the beginning of working with two colors.

I’m sure you all know that in the beginning we may have several options. It all depends on the pattern, of course! With a product of one color, everything is simple. This is either a shuttle – a ball, or two shuttles. Although there may actually be three, four shuttles or more, I’ve tried it! But let’s not delve into the impenetrable forest, ha ha!

If we start working with threads of two colors, we usually tie two threads.

Perhaps, if the threads are very thin, this initial knot is almost invisible. But I know about him! Ah, my perfectionism does not let me get bored! At the end of the work, I tried to untie this connecting knot in order to tie, hide and cut two pairs of threads. So instead of three nodes, I got only two. But I didn’t like that either. In addition, hiding FOUR ends of a thread at once is not for me, I sooooooo really don’t like hiding threads. But of course you will not find “tails” of threads sticking out in all directions anywhere in my products, lol! Because I love the option when the threads are hidden during the weaving process. By the way, you can watch my video on this topic.

I made this video for three tatting methods: shuttle, needle and cro-tatting. I hope you come back here after watching this video and read the post to the end:

Ah, Mozart’s music is perfect for creating creative projects, isn’t it? Please write in the comments if you are hiding threads during work or only after the completion of the project.

But I’m a little distracted. Our theme is how to make the perfect start to two-tone lace. So, I don’t do the connecting knot at the start. I also hide both tails of the threads at once. At the end of the work, I connect the last element to the beginning with a crochet hook or needle. And in the end, I only have two tails of threads at the end of the work, which I hide with a sewing needle. Voila!

I showed the beginning of the process of weaving a tatting in two colors in my new video, welcome!
I will be glad to new subscribers, your questions and comments.

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Happy Birthday Polina!

Happy Birthday Polina, or all life in details.

Hello, everyone! I’m sure all of my readers love jewelry. Because we are “girls”! And of course, we are pleased to meet the creators of jewelry. Even if this is not a personal acquaintance, but only an article on the Internet. Therefore, today I want to talk a little about my wonderful friend, amazing lady and talented jewelry designer Polina Rofman. She also has a kind nature and a great sense of humor. You can feel it in the Jewelry that Polina creates for fans of elegant and contemporary style.

In addition, today Polina is celebrating her birthday. Dear Polinochka, please accept my sincere congratulations and best wishes!

Tell us a little about yourself, your family, and how did you got started on Etsy?

I live in Toronto, Ontario . I love this city, it’s new and old at the same time. For me it’s constant inspiration. I work full time and devote my spare time (which I almost don’t have) to my small jewelry business. It’s my passion. I started creating jewelry and accessories in 2011 . I’m completely self-taught. I love beadweaving and complex techniques ,but due to lack of time I don’t make time-consuming pieces very often.

When and how did you become interested in jewelry making?

I have always liked crafting , and I started making simple earrings and stringing necklaces when I couldn’t find affordable and beautiful jewelry for myself. But I didn’t know where to look for supplies, so I went to Dollar stores and bought some cheap headpins and threads. Also I repaired my own broken jewelry and my friends’ jewelry as well. A lot of what I made , I gave to my friends. Oh, I found myself beading every night! So, I became a beadaholic. Of course, I needed to sell , in order to buy new supplies. I think this was my creativity overflowing.

 What is your inspiration for each idea and where do you get the ideas?  

I get my inspiration from the beautiful nature in Canada. Leaves, flowers, the bluest sky in the world…I love Czech glass beads and use them for my art deco pieces.I love semiprecious gemstones. My favorite style is boho. My friends ask me for some specific design , and I use these ideas in my next pieces.I make jewelry for my two beautiful daughters.

How many hours do you spend every day on beading?

I mostly make jewelry on weekends, as I work till late hours every day.

How did you feel when you sold your first jewelry item on Etsy?

I felt extremely happy! It gave me a boost to make more!

What tools do you use for your craft that you cannot live without?

I use all the tools for making jewelry : different kinds of pliers , wire of all colors and material and leather,and chain.

Do you have another talent or hobby?

Haha, I have no time for more activities than I already perform. I used to sing but now I only sing in the shower.

Your favorite color and shape?

My favorite colors are blue and turquoise. Recently I fell in love with red. My favorite shape is teardrop.

Make a comment here of what ever you would like to say.

My life is full – I do the things I love. I love my family – the name of my shop is a blend of their names – Liza and Iris. My husband supports me.

I admire Polina’s jewelry. Because in my opinion these products are perfect. Color, shape, material, sense of style, harmony of proportions – all this is inherent in Polina’s products. You can see for yourself by visiting her store:

In honor of my friend, I created earrings and named them “Polina”. These earrings are simple at first glance. But I think they are perfect, like my dear friend!

Please do not hesitate to congratulate Polina in the comments and visit her store, you will have great pleasure! 🙂