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Name like song

Name like song

Name like song or Interesting facts about the song “Mr. Sun , Mr. Moon”.

Hello everyone!

My work on the Summer Mood collection continues. I finished third doily. You can buy PDF instruction and video tutorial here:

Oh, where can I get a name for my creation? I like the rays radiating from the center of the doily. It looks very much like a warm summer sun. But in the center is the real moon. The middle is perfectly round. How to combine the sun and the moon in one name? And then I found a very interesting article on the Internet.

“Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon” is a song by the American rock band Paul Revere & the Raiders written by Mark Lindsay. This song originally released as a single in 1969. Then on the album Hard ‘N’ Heavy (with Marshmallow) later that year. The song peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 15 on the Cash Box Top 100 Singles chart, and at number 8 on the RPM Top Singles chart.
The song was ranked by both Billboard and RPM as the number 95 song of 1969 on their year-end charts. Also the song was featured on the soundtrack album to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. By the way, my husband and I recently watched this film by Quentin Tarantino. The ingenious play of actors Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio!

But listen to the words of the song:

Life is bringing you so down

You don’t think you can make it

Every night is a show down

Every day is just fake it

Let me show you a new place

If you follow directions

You’ll be wearing a new face

Add it to your collection.

How this is in tune with our environment. The unreality of life due to quarantine. Everything has changed and will not be the same, it seems. But don’t be discouraged! I invite everyone to immerse themselves in creativity. And yes, with my new pattern You’ll be wearing a new face (sorry, new doily) add it to your collection!

By the way, let me remind you that you can watch a video on how to connect a chain to a long picot on my YouTube channel. Welcome!

So, the name like song for my new doily is fine. Do you agree? Write in the comments, ask questions. Subscribe to my blog. And don’t forget to visit my store:

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Summer mood

Summer mood, or how I decided to create a series of doilies called “Summer mood”.

Hello everyone!

Today is the middle of summer! Wow, I can’t believe it. Perhaps the rains and hurricanes prevented me from believing that summer had come. But let’s not talk about sad things. I want to show which roses bloomed in my garden. Yes, I have different flowers. So, each season has its own flowers. But now is the time for roses, isn’t it? Delicate yellow roses create a wonderful summer mood.

And these roses look like the sun. I regret that you cannot smell their aroma!

I thought, why don’t I take pictures of these flowers against a snow-white doily. But I need a very-very delicate doily. I want to emphasize the grace and beauty of a rose.

Tatting doily ” La Rosa dei Venti”.

I got a good photo (I think so). Do you agree with me? The pattern and detailed video can be bought here:

This name translates from Italian as ” Wind Rose”. I know that this symbol indicates the direction of the winds. But this symbol still looks like a rose. No wonder such a name. In addition, I really like the sound in Italian.

But what about the other flowers? Maybe I’ll try to create some doilies in this style. And with the help of photos I will combine these doilies into one collection. By the way, I’m thinking about a pleasant surprise for my subscribers. But I’ll tell about this when the collection is ready. Now I made two doilies in this style. But I need to choose the right flower for the “Mandala” doily. What flower do you think? I have light purple bells in my garden. I’ll try. Perhaps it will turn out beautifully. If you do not remember my doily “Mandala” , check here, please:

Of course, I will be glad to your comments. Tell us which flowers you like. How is the weather in your city this summer? And be sure to express your opinion on whether I should create such a collection. Or are two doilies with long picot enough?

Also you can watch the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel, welcome:

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Long picot in a new doily

Long picot in a new doily

Hello everyone!

I try very hard to create a new project every week, do you remember? And now I am very interested in the possibility of combining long picot. Because, this is extremely exciting, believe me!

I plan to create a small collection of patterns using long picots. So, I wrote in a previous post about the first pattern in this series. I called this napkin “Mandala.”

And the Mandala pattern is already on sale, welcome:

In the next model, I combined picot of different lengths. It turned out interesting. This pattern is not for beginner tatters, of course. But we must always evolve, right? I simply have to try new tricks, new methods. Because I feel how each new knowledge increases my self-esteem. Yes, don’t be surprised. I am also sure that the long picot in the new doily creates lightness and airiness. You know that these properties are especially appreciated in lace. Do you agree with me?

I hope you appreciate my new job. And I would like to know if it is worth creating a collection of such napkins? If you write your opinion in the comments, I will be glad 🙂

So, this is what my new doily looks like. Again, I am at a loss in choosing a name, alas 🙂 I will try to make instructions as soon as possible (maybe by the end of the week). By this time I should come up with a name as well.

Long picot in a new doily

Also you can watch the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel, welcome:

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Perfect join tatting

Perfect join tatting

Hello everyone!

Every week I try to make a new project. Alas, this does not always work out. If the project is small, it is quite possible to create a tutorial in one week. But I need to try very hard, I assure you!

Sometimes, to fulfill an idea, I need to come up with new ways, new methods. I also try new unusual tools with pleasure! This week’s project is a small Mandala doily. I recalled all the methods that I know to do perfect join. The lack of extra knots gives this doily absolute openwork and airiness. Do you agree?

Perfect join tatting

So, 12 ways to connect a chain with a long picot. You can watch the video on my YouTube channel. Perhaps I am not entirely accurate in terminology. If you know the exact name of each parameter, leave a comment on the post. Also share if you know any other method. It will be interesting and useful!

Method 1, for the shuttle.

This is the easiest way. You pull shuttle thread into a long picot. Pass the shuttle into the new loop and tighten the thread. But the node that is formed by this method, alas, does not suit me.

Method 2, for the shuttle.

This method is similar to the first, but in this case, a loop creates a thread ball.

Method 3, for two shuttles.

I use this method for tat Onion Ring. For example, doily “Honeycomb”:

Method 4, embroidery needle is used instead of a shuttle.

I think every tatter used this method at least once. Because it is a perfect join (in my opinion, of course).

Method 5, for needle.

This method repeats the first method for the shuttle. Only you use the tatting needle in this case. This method does not suit me either.

Method 6, for needle.

This method repeats the second method for the shuttle.

Method 7, for needle.

This method is convenient to use if you have a small ball. Because the ball will need to be passed through the loop.

Method 8, for needle.

This method without knots – perfect join. Yes?

Method 9, for netting needle.

I am delighted with this method! Netting needle is an ideal tool in this case.

Method 10, for cro-tatting.

You use CH (Chain Stitch) for the connection with this method.

Method 11, for cro-tatting.

You use SC (Single Crochet) for the connection with this method.

Method 12, for cro-tatting.

You use DC (Double Crochet) for the connection with this method.

You can choose any method for joining a long picot and chain. And try to create your perfect “Mandala” doily!