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Cro-tatting Lesson 7

Cro-tatting Lesson 7 , or translation difficulties.

Hello everyone! This article is a continuation of Lesson 6. Therefore, follow the link if you have not read or watched the video of the previous lesson:

Lesson 7

At first I wanted to start this article with the story of the Tower of Babel. Well, you remember how God gave people different languages so that they would not understand each other. But then I thought that this is not entirely true. The question is philosophical. Because very often, speaking the same language, people cannot understand each other. Probably, this happens because many people have forgotten how to listen, empathize and understand others. And the notation in English for crocheting terms me to such reflections. How can I figure this out, I have no idea! LOL

But I’m pretty creative, you know. Therefore, I decided to write an abbreviation for UK and for US. Hope you don’t get confused!

So, today I invite you to make a small round motif with two rows. We will make the second row with single crochets. Yep, that’s where we got it! Don’t worry, we’ll fix it. UK terms – dc ( double crochet ), US terms – sc ( single crochet ).

Row 1

The first row consists of Rings and Chains. The chains in cro-tatting are crocheted and form an “arc” of air loops (in the abbreviation сh).

Row 2

In the second row, I used rings and single crochets ( or double crochet ) . Please note that before performing the Ring, you need to turn the work. And since you are getting the wrong side, it is better to start a double stitch from the second half. You will clearly see in the photo how the front side (pink ring) differs from the wrong side (yellow ring).

For clarity, of course, I made a detailed video. Don’t forget to subscribe, comment and share my video on social media please.


You can download the pattern Cro-tatting Lesson 7 by clicking on the link. Or just take a screenshot.

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4 thoughts on “Cro-tatting Lesson 7

  1. I sure wish there was someone close by to teach this… I would like to learn..

    1. Maybe there’s a cro-tatters community at Temple? You can ask in groups on FB.

  2. I learned UK terms for crochet, but later found that for once the US terms make more sense, LOL.
    One of my cro-tatting friends had done this dc on chain and I find they look more like tatting than simple crochet chains.

    1. Ha, for me there is more sense and logic in terms in Ukrainian, of course. I couldn’t figure out how knitters don’t get mixed up in American and English designations, LOL! To do this, it took quite a lot of time to “surf the Internet”for me . But it’s a rewarding experience.

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