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Prayer for Ukraine

Prayer for Ukraine. My tears and pain are the pain and tears of all the mothers of Ukraine.

Hello, everyone!

I apologize for the “unlace” post. But I can’t be silent.
On 2022 February 24, Russian troops occupied Ukraine. That’s what all the media say. It is not true! Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, taking over the Crimean parliament and establishing its own dictatorship. The whole world remained silent, believing Putin’s statement that he was “saving” the Russians living in Crimea. Vile lies! He was preparing a military base for an attack on the rest of our country. For the transfer of military equipment, the Crimean bridge was built.

For 8 years, Russian troops have been shelling our Donbass and Lugansk, killing our civilians and depriving them of shelter over their heads. But Putin said – there are no Russian troops there. This is an outright deception! Why did the leaders of European states and America believe him? This silence and non-resistance to evil led to a huge disaster – Russian troops invaded Ukraine. This is a real war. The whole world sees this, but Putin says – I was forced to attack Ukraine so that NATO would not attack Russia. It’s not just a lie, it’s nonsense!


And now the decisive moment has come when every inhabitant of the Earth must make a choice – choose his side. I choose truth, independence and freedom! I choose Ukraine!

Every inhabitant of my country helps the fight against the invaders. Not everyone has to take up arms. It can be a medical bag, a post on the Internet with the TRUTH, and financial assistance.

I will be immensely grateful to everyone who comments on my post, shares a link on social networks or makes a purchase of pattern in my store. Because I send part of the money I earn to support the Ukrainian army.


Prayer for Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!