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The main signs of spring

The main signs of spring, or Happy Easter!

Hello, everyone!

I really like the main signs of the coming spring.  After all, we can enjoy clear skies and warm sun. We also admire the singing of birds in the spring. Finally, we celebrate the amazing Easter holiday. And Easter for Christians around the world is an important holiday. So, I want to remind you of the main symbols and traditions of Easter.

The main signs of spring

The egg were symbols of fertility and a new beginning of spring. Since time immemorial, eggs have been associated with the world or universe in many cultures. I think you also know that the egg is the symbol for represent new life and a new dawn.

Easter bunny
The rabbit, or hare, was a symbol of abundant new life in ancient times, and reminds us of spring and new life.

Easter Lilies
Of course, the white blossoms symbolize the purity of Jesus.

Lamb, or Sheep
Represents Jesus, the “Lamb of God.”

And of course, a religious holiday cannot do without the Cross.

I love the tradition of Easter hats and wearing new clothes for Easter.

I’m sure everyone loves Hot Buns and Pretzels, so delicious!

Spring flowers bloom in the spring, and symbolize spring and new life.
Baby animals born in the spring also represent spring and new life.

The Butterfly is one of the significant symbols of Easter. Its whole life cycle is meant to symbolize the life of Jesus Christ. The first stage, is the caterpillar, which stands for His life on Earth. Second phase begins from the cocoon stage, portraying the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. The third and final stage is the butterfly, representing His raising from the dead in a glorified body and peace.

So, I added a new pattern to my previous Easter works. I named this egg decoration Spring Sky. I hope you will enjoy. Welcome!

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Must-have lady’s makeup bag

Must-have lady’s makeup bag , or why a handkerchief in a cosmetic bag.

Hello, everyone!

In this post I want to talk about the manners of a real lady. Of course, I understand that during the quarantine, our movements are limited. It should be so, no doubt But even on those rare days when we leave the house wearing masks, we want to look beautiful. Do you agree? My great-grandmother used to say: a real lady can never look unkempt. Of course, you will not paint your face, for example, in a supermarket or restaurant. I’m sure you do it at home. Same as me. But sometimes we have to fix our makeup. Therefore, I always carry a cosmetic bag in my purse. And in my cosmetic bag I put the necessary minimum of cosmetics. Because if I put together a complete set, I have to carry a huge suitcase!

So what do I put in my cosmetic bag.

This is a lip pencil, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, powder with a mirror, a small bottle of perfume and a handkerchief. Probably your set is different from mine. Or they are similar. But do you have a beautiful handkerchief? I’m not talking about compact packages of disposable antiseptic wipes. Because we have this subject all the time. In the car or in your pocket. Yes? But I feel like a real lady when I take out a thin lace handkerchief. Ah, those lace accessories. Ladies at balls dropped them at the feet of their gentlemen, hiding a note in a fabric. And what conflict arose between the musketeers over a silk handkerchief? Have you read Dumas’ novel The Three Musketeers?

How to sew tatting lace to fabric

I don’t throw a handkerchief on the floor or hide notes in there, ha ha! But I can laugh to tears. Yes, I am a very emotional lady. In this case, my makeup is slightly disturbed. And the contents of the bag will help me! I will gently and delicately remove the tears from my eyes with a handkerchief. And I like it if my handkerchief makes the ladies around me envy. So I make my handkerchiefs myself. Everything is very simple. I need to weave lace, sew this lace to the fabric. And voila, you’re done! Try it too! I’m sure you will like it! Moreover, I have prepared for you a new edging pattern and a video tutorial on how to sew tatting lace to fabric. The video contains three methods. Therefore, you can choose whichever one you like.

You can read more about the pattern here:

And this is a link to a video tutorial, welcome:

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Languages of the world

Languages of the world, or why I chose English for tatting patterns.

Hello, everyone!

You will certainly agree with me that 2020 was not the kindest year for everyone, alas. But there are also pluses. We can devote more time to our own self-education, right? I enjoy reading wikipedia articles. Because this way I can learn a lot of new and interesting things!

It turns out, there are 7174 languages on Earth for 2020. Do you know this?

Some statistics

About 2/3 of the world’s people speak the 40 most spoken languages. Most people speak Chinese, Hindi, English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian and French. So it is written in the Russian version of Wikipedia. But in the English version of the same Wikipedia, the following is written: English is the foremost—and by some accounts only—world language. In sociolinguistics, a world language (sometimes global language, rarely international language) is a language that extends far beyond its national boundaries and makes it possible for members of different language communities to communicate. Beyond that, there is no academic consensus about which languages qualify; Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili are other possible world languages.

Yes, I have read many different articles on the subject of World Languages. Of course, it is difficult to calculate exactly how many people in the world speak a particular language. Statistical data should be based on population censuses. Therefore, the numbers in different publications do not match. It is much easier to count the official languages of the countries of the world. In 56 countries the official language is English. Ah, that’s probably why I chose English for the instructions for my tatting patterns!

To write or not to write

At first, I couldn’t decide if detailed descriptions were needed. Because it was easier for me to just draw a graphical diagram with numbers. I have asked many tatters if a graphical diagram is enough for them. And the majority told me unanimously – no. You know that a person assimilates a visual picture better than just text. And detailed description helps to understand difficult points. I’m talking about pivot points of work or changing work’s and shuttle’s threads, for example. Besides, I do not always create the patterns are simple and easy. I love to surprise sometimes! I worked as a teacher for many years. And so I understand how important it is to explain the lesson correctly. Only then will the students be able to perform the task perfectly.

So I decided to combine the visual range with a detailed description. But what language should I write? You have read carefully, I hope. Therefore, you will immediately understand me. Yes, I chose English. 🙂

However, gradually I decided to translate my instructions into other languages. And I started with Italian. I cannot explain my choice. Probably because Italian sounds beautiful, like a song. But perhaps because I really like the country of Italy. And also because I am a member of the Italian-speaking group of tatting masters on FB. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my FB friend, group administrator Ninetta Caruso. Ninetta is an unusually talented and experienced tatting master. You will understand my admiration for her work if you visit Ninetta Caruso’s blog:

English, Italian, and …

So, I’m starting a new stage of working on patterns. My goal is to create new master classes in English and Italian. And, if possible – a translation of my previous lessons.
Now you can check out my new bilingual pattern, Easter Egg Bouquet. This is very important because Easter is coming soon. Welcome:

Languages of the world

But maybe two languages are not enough? And what language would you advise me to translate the patterns into? Please write in the comments.

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What inspires me

What inspires me, or ideas are floating around!

Hello, everyone!

Surely you are interested in the title of this post. Yes, I really want to tell you where I get the ideas to create my patterns. Again. But very briefly. Because this is an unusually broad topic. And you can also tell me what inspires you. It is very interesting. Write in the comments, please!

Yes, ideas actually fly around us. You only need to be able to consider the beauty that surrounds you. This is the sky, sun, clouds, flowers. They are also sounds and smells. Of course, these are smiles and glow of eyes. Oh, but what about quarantine, you ask. To this I will answer you: go to the Internet!

Thanks to this invention, we can meet people from different countries. I have made friends with many talented artists, whose work I admire. And today I want to tell you about another talented jewelry designer and creator. She works in a complex and difficult technique of chain mail weaving of jewelry. Oh, this is unique! Trust me! This is Asia Azran.

The process of chain mail weaving of a bracelet from Asia Azran

How do these delicate feminine hands create intricate METAL patterns? It’s a mystery to me.

I will not publish many of Asia’s works. Just go to her FB account and admire it. You can even buy it!

I digress from the topic, it seems. We talked about inspiration. I really liked these earrings from Asia for their grace and brevity. However, the threads do not look like metal rings at all, alas. But the main thing is the main idea. So I decided to use metallic strands and pieces of metallic chain. Oh, I am a master of chain mail too (ha ha ha!)! Can you guess where my model is? 🙂

So, feel free to use whatever you see on the Internet. Anything you like will help your creativity. The main thing is the idea that is born when looking at the unusual, interesting and beautiful! (But I’m not talking about plagiarism, by no means!)

I named my new earring earrings Asia, of course! Asenka, thanks for the inspiration!

Earrings Asia tatting pattern

You can buy a detailed master class for earrings Asia right now in my store. Welcome!

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Forty snowflakes

Forty snowflakes, forty new master classes for tatting needles.

Forty snowflakes

Hello, everyone!

The winter is not over yet. Therefore, my new project does not lose its relevance (I hope).

The fun with the snow is especially pleasing to my eight-year granddaughter.

But my angel and I were not only playing . I teach Maria to tat with a needle. Because this is the simplest tatting method. Since my granddaughter lives far away, our classes are not very frequent.

And this is the third work of my golden girl!

It’s easy for me to teach my granddaughter because tatting is my favorite pastime. And I am constantly creating new patterns, new lace products. I am also very happy when subscribers contact me with questions about tatting. You know, I’m always ready to help! I think many people know the wonderful tatting shuttle designs from Blomquist and Persson. But for novice tatters, these descriptions are rather complicated.

So I decided to adapt these designs for a needle. I must say that this is not easy. I have collected 40 designs in one collection ( 8 garlands with 5 snowflakes in each garland ) . For each snowflake, a graphical diagram is drawn, photos are taken and detailed instructions are written in English. In addition, I made an additional video to help you master some tricks. You can buy pattern for each garland separately in my store. Or buy the complete collection at a very attractive price.

In addition, you can combine snowflakes into garlands in different combinations. Lots of options! So each tutorial costs less $ 1! Imagine your delight when you finish the fortieth snowflake! I’m sure you will be proud of yourself, go ahead! Welcome!

Comments on the video.

At the end of the article, a few comments on my video. Of course, you know how to make a pattern out of just rings. For shuttle is absolutely simple. Of course, use one shuttle. But be sure to make sure that all the distances between the rings are the same. For this, you can use plastic strips. By the way, do you make a tie knot after each ring? I do it because it makes the pattern look neater.

But how to make such a pattern with a needle? It’s very simple too. However, be patient and arm yourself with a needle threader (if necessary). Because you will have to carry out ALL rings on the back of the needle. And, of course, an attachment knot at the end of each ring is needed. This fixes the ring and makes the pattern strong and neat.

In the third part of my video, I tat with tatting hook. Yes, I really like cro-tatting method. Notice how easy it is to make a fastening knot. In addition, this knot helps to make the transition from one ring to another with a single thread.

So listen to the beautiful music of Mozart in my video. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

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How to make acute angle in chain

How to make acute angle in chain, or hearts are never too many.

Hello everyone!  Thanks for the support of my blog and new subscribers!

I often ask you to write in the comments what you would like to learn new about tatting. This helps me a lot when looking for topics for the next post. Because when I answer your question, I firmly believe that this topic excites you. Here’s one new question from my customer: how to make acute angle in tatting. And as usual, I made a video for three tatting methods: shuttle, needle and hook. Watch my video and come back.(I hope you will continue reading until the end!)

Why do you need acute corner in lace? Oh, I can talk for hours about new methods, new shapes, new tools! Yes, I love to learn new things. And you? Classic tatting patterns of rings and arcs are beautiful (almost always). I agree, of course. But sometimes there is a need for stylization. For example, if I am making a heart pattern, I cannot do without a sharp corner. Otherwise, the pattern will not be perfect.

I have created a collection of hearts. And in my opinion, these hearts look pretty cute 🙂

How to make acute angle in chain

You can buy a pattern for each heart separately in my store. Or buy three patterns together at an attractive price, welcome!

How to make acute angle in chain

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There is no limit to perfection

There is no limit to perfection, or tatting design change.

Hello everyone!  Today I want to tell you about my new experiment. I have already created designs with a “wicker” middle. But usually this middle appeared at the very beginning of the idea. For example, these are “Wheel of Fortune” doilies or three snowflakes. You can see this in my store.

Sometimes I do things that I don’t really like. But I cannot think of what needs to be changed. In this case, I put off such a product until the “brilliant idea comes”! ha ha. Such a product can wait a long time for its time. It happened so with this cute Kosmeya jewelry set. By the way, Kosmeya is the name of very delicate flowers with a light aroma. It seems to me that the set is very similar to these flowers. Do you agree?

Of course, I could add a yellow center, because “there is no limit to perfection”! But I chose silk embroidery threads just to match the set. But the embroidery threads are polyester, so the middle shines slightly and gives a special charm to the product. This is exactly the perfect solution that I was looking for! Look at both options. I bet you will notice the difference!

I will briefly describe how I filled in the middle. First, I used the needles on a foam pillow to fix the product. Then, with the help of a needle, I “wove a basket” in the very center. It looks something like the photo. But you can find a detailed description in my pattern for snowflakes with a braided middle. Welcome!

And if you want to become a happy owner of the perfect kit, welcome to my store. Shipping and packaging are included.

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The torment of creativity

The torment of creativity, or pursuit of excellence.

Hello everyone! Today my post will consist of two questions. I really need your answers and advice.

I’m a perfectionist, alas. This trait of my character relates primarily to creativity. I already wrote about my firm conviction that tatting is creativity. Do you remember? Yes, and therefore, when creating new tatting patterns, I can redo the product several times. I am constantly striving to make the “perfect product”. But as we know, tastes differ! It is also quite possible that I am too demanding of myself. I have already made several variants of new earrings. Oh, you have no idea how much time and thread I ruined (so it seems to me).

The torment of creativity

I finally decided to leave the two most suitable options. But I don’t really like both of them, alas. And now I think I need to do the third option. What do you think is wrong with these earrings? Help, help, help please! I need any of your advice!

This was the first question. To make it easier for you to read, I “screwed an automatic translator” to my site. Have you noticed? It’s a button at the top of every page. So, and now my second question. Does automatic translation work correctly? Is your language in the dropdown? Add me some more languages? It turned out not one, but three whole questions, ha ha! But I hope it doesn’t scare you!

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Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year 2021!

Hello everyone! The new year 2021 has come! I want to congratulate all of you on this long-awaited holiday! May this year bring health, happiness, peace and prosperity to all of us. Love and kindness!

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

I thank all of you for your support and kind words! Believe me, this is very valuable for every master. Your feedbacks helps me feel needed and talented. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This is our Christmas tree with my husband. We always try to combine old rare toys with new ones. Our Ded Moroz (Santa Claus) is 65 years old this year. Wow, this is a family heirloom! I am making some new Christmas tree decor myself. There are simply tatting, there are also tatting snowflakes in the resin. What are your family heirloom New Year? Perhaps you have interesting family traditions. Write in the comments, please. It is very interesting.

And, as always, I have a lot of new ideas. New year, new plans, new lace! The new project has already started. And I plan to finish the two designs I started (jewelry box and new earrings) in January. Therefore, subscribe to my blog, write your tips and questions in the comments. I’ll be happy to answer and help, as always!

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Instant Christmas Gift for tatters

Instant Christmas gift for tatters, or one question and one piece of advice.

 Hello everyone! In this post I want to ask you one question and also give you one good advice (so it seems to me)!

First a question. Perhaps you will find it strange to hear this question: cheaper or more detailed?

But I will try to explain. You may remember my lace jewelry box. I finally took the time to create a tutorial about this box. Trust me, it takes time and effort. Moreover, I personally do the entire process of creating a pattern. I invent it myself, draw a graphical diagram myself and test the created product myself. Yes, I don’t invite testers! This is a very delicate topic for me. Because I want to be 100% sure of the correctness of my plan. And also I am personally responsible for the quality of each of my tutorials. Perhaps someday … 🙂

Instant Christmas Gift for tatters
Instant Christmas Gift for tatters

Ah, I’m distracted. If I only do the pattern for the lid and sides of the box, I won’t spend a lot of time and materials on it. Accordingly, this pattern will not be expensive. But if I do a FULL detailed tutorial on how to make a box from the beginning to the last knot (this is a lid, sides, bottom, fasteners), then, of course, I will spend a lot of time and materials on it. Here’s my question. Which option do you prefer, cheap or detailed? It is very important for me to find out. Write in the comments, please.

Now my one piece of advice. I hope you enjoy my thought. Although (I’m sure) this idea is not new.

Christmas is near! And the issue with the delivery of parcels is especially acute. Have you made your Christmas orders online? Awful workload of postal warehouses in different countries. If you haven’t taken care of this beforehand, then your package might be here (I’m sorry):

But there is a good way out. I think the best gift for a tatter is threads, tools and patterns! Do you agree? Unfortunately, the threads and tools will not arrive before Christmas. Therefore, remains INSTANTLY LOADED pattern ! Show the next paragraph to your friends and family (ha ha!).

I suggest you buy any pattern, or a whole set. Of course you can do it at any store, but check mine first, please! Moreover, the 10% discount on all patterns continues until December 31st! Coupon code OFF10HAPPYPATTERN

And print the purchased pattern. Moreover, all my patterns are created in PDF format and you can easily print them on your home printer. For this purpose, in addition to the pattern, I created a cute picture. See how cute your gift will look!

Do not forget to wear a protective mask before giving your gift! Believe me, this is a nice and very useful gift. But if you are very strict in quarantine, I can send your purchase to any email address you specify. To do this, just contact me before buying by email or FB:

I look forward to your comments and questions! Happy Holidays!