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Long picots.

How to make straight long picots.

Long picots
Long picots

Hello everyone! First, I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support. My husband is doing better. The new cardiogram showed only one systole. My dear hubby will have another checkup next week. And I hope everything will be fine.

And now about something even more pleasant. 🙂 I have already written in previous posts about my hobby for long picots. Yes, I created a new collection based on this method. This is Summer mood.

So, you asked what picot gauge I use. You can take a “tatting needle and picot gauge”. But I do not like bulky tools. I use plastic strips of different widths or homemade cardboard templates. Because you can make them as many as you like, any width and length!

Also, I needed 10 strips of different widths to make the collar necklace “Sea Glass”!

Detachable blue collar necklace for Dress Sia Glass

I’m putting together a collection of platinum stripes! Because I like long gauge. After all, this is very convenient for weaving several picots in a row. But this is in my opinion, of course. I made a video for you how to make even long picots. And of course I show 4 ways.


Tatting with a shuttle.


Tatting with a needle.

The third


The fourth

This my favorite tatting tool – the netting needle. Don’t forget to come back to me after watching the video, please!

I hope you enjoy tat the long picots. It’s so exciting, isn’t it? In addition, I always call for the expansion of knowledge and skills. My great-grandfather used to say: to know and be able to – not to carry, but in life it will come in handy. Oh, sorry, I don’t know the English equivalent of this proverb!
Here is another pattern with long picots. This cute Christmas bell is easy to make just by following the instructions! Welcome!

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Summer mood

Summer mood, or how I decided to create a series of doilies called “Summer mood”.

Hello everyone!

Today is the middle of summer! Wow, I can’t believe it. Perhaps the rains and hurricanes prevented me from believing that summer had come. But let’s not talk about sad things. I want to show which roses bloomed in my garden. Yes, I have different flowers. So, each season has its own flowers. But now is the time for roses, isn’t it? Delicate yellow roses create a wonderful summer mood.

And these roses look like the sun. I regret that you cannot smell their aroma!

I thought, why don’t I take pictures of these flowers against a snow-white doily. But I need a very-very delicate doily. I want to emphasize the grace and beauty of a rose.

Tatting doily ” La Rosa dei Venti”.

I got a good photo (I think so). Do you agree with me? The pattern and detailed video can be bought here:

This name translates from Italian as ” Wind Rose”. I know that this symbol indicates the direction of the winds. But this symbol still looks like a rose. No wonder such a name. In addition, I really like the sound in Italian.

But what about the other flowers? Maybe I’ll try to create some doilies in this style. And with the help of photos I will combine these doilies into one collection. By the way, I’m thinking about a pleasant surprise for my subscribers. But I’ll tell about this when the collection is ready. Now I made two doilies in this style. But I need to choose the right flower for the “Mandala” doily. What flower do you think? I have light purple bells in my garden. I’ll try. Perhaps it will turn out beautifully. If you do not remember my doily “Mandala” , check here, please:

Of course, I will be glad to your comments. Tell us which flowers you like. How is the weather in your city this summer? And be sure to express your opinion on whether I should create such a collection. Or are two doilies with long picot enough?

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Long picot in a new doily

Long picot in a new doily

Hello everyone!

I try very hard to create a new project every week, do you remember? And now I am very interested in the possibility of combining long picot. Because, this is extremely exciting, believe me!

I plan to create a small collection of patterns using long picots. So, I wrote in a previous post about the first pattern in this series. I called this napkin “Mandala.”

And the Mandala pattern is already on sale, welcome:

In the next model, I combined picot of different lengths. It turned out interesting. This pattern is not for beginner tatters, of course. But we must always evolve, right? I simply have to try new tricks, new methods. Because I feel how each new knowledge increases my self-esteem. Yes, don’t be surprised. I am also sure that the long picot in the new doily creates lightness and airiness. You know that these properties are especially appreciated in lace. Do you agree with me?

I hope you appreciate my new job. And I would like to know if it is worth creating a collection of such napkins? If you write your opinion in the comments, I will be glad 🙂

So, this is what my new doily looks like. Again, I am at a loss in choosing a name, alas 🙂 I will try to make instructions as soon as possible (maybe by the end of the week). By this time I should come up with a name as well.

Long picot in a new doily

Also you can watch the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel, welcome:

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New week new project

New week new project.

Hello everyone! On June 17, my competition for the best name for tatting doily ended. Ah, how many beautiful names, how many kind words I received! It’s amazing! I am extraordinarily inspired. And after a wonderful weekend (I hope your weekend was also good!) I start my new week with a new project.

I decided to use an interesting technique for the center of this doily. It looks like bobbin lace, doesn’t it?

New week new project
New week new project

I want to call this doily “Wheel of Time”. Because the alternation of dense and airy rows reminds me of the running of time in our lives. I think each of you has come across “long” days when time goes on endlessly. And I know there are so “swift” days that fly by like an instant. This is the wheel of time that moves without stopping, then slowing down, then accelerating. Zoe Carbajales came up with this name. I hope she will not mind using this name for my new project.

Previous option

So, I did this project 7 years ago. And the previous version of this template looked like this.

Grey mandala doily

Now I decided to slightly change the general appearance, changed the color and thickness of the threads. I’m very interested in your opinion on the title. Therefore write in the comments, please. Is the “Wheel of Time” suitable for this doily?

By the way, pay attention to the personalized shuttle that I use. Do you want one for yourself? Check out my store, please:

You can also watch a video on my YouTube channel, welcome:

So, I will try to finish the pattern at the end of the week. Anyway, I will try! But after tat, I will need to draw a graphical diagram in a computer program, write instructions and mount a video tutorial. Yes, I plan to add a video to this manual. Do you think the video helps a lot? Or is it a waste of time? Oh, I’m talking about time again! Write your opinions in the comments.

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Announcement of winners

Announcement of winners contest for the best name of my new doily. Competition for masters and tatting fans. What is the name of my new doily?

Thanks so much to all the participants! You came up with a lot of great name options for my new doily.
Lot determined the winner! You can see the video report on my YouTube channel:

So, the winner is Joan Thomas! My doily got the name “Honeycomb”! Joan receives a FREE doily “Honeycomb” tutorial. And also Coupon Code 30% discount on all patterns in my store.
The first 10 participants receive a Coupon Code 30% discount on all patterns in my store.

  1. Michele ;
  2. Wally;
  3. Isabella;
  4. Dawn;
  5. Connie Lewis;
  6. Andrea Fruggiero;
  7. Michelle;
  8. Mary G Chandler;
  9. Sarah;
  10. Helga.

I really liked ALL the names! Of course, I could not ignore all the participants. Therefore, I give the Coupon Code 20% discount on all patterns in my store for other participants.
Your prizes will be sent to everyone by e-mail registered when participating in the competition. Check ALL folders, please. My message may go to the spam folder if you have not added me to your contact list.

So, the Announcement of winners has taken place. I thank all the participants and congratulate the winners!

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Special for needle tatters!

Special for needle tatters today I write continue of the previous post.

Last time I drew for you a pattern of simple, but graceful tatting earrings. And then you read the detailed instructions on how to do this (did you really read? I hop! ). But the last time we were carried away by the shuttle tatting only. So today I’m trying to fix this shortcoming.
So, special for the tatter needle!

I will not repeat the graphic pattern and the first version of weaving. Because the needle and shuttle methods in this case are nearly identical. But note that you need beginning tat from the back side. When making the double stitches on the back side, make the second half of the second stitch fixture and the first half of the double stitch next.

So let’s look at the second option right away.


R – ring; SR – split Ring; C – chain; p – picot; jp – join picot; tw – turn the work; numbers indicate the number of double stitches.

Beginning work – green circle. (We beginning tat from the back side, do you remember?) 1. R: 2, p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2, tw; 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14. C: 2 , p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2, tw; 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13. R: 2 , p , 2 , p , 2, jp to previous Ring (according to the diagram), 2 , p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2, tw; 15. R: 2 , p , 2 , p , 2, jp to previous Ring (according to the diagram), 2 , p , 2 , jp to R1 (according to the diagram), 2, p , 2 , p , 2 .  Do NOT CUT thread.

16. SR:  [ Tat of the ball thread: 2, p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2 ], here we turn the work ( photo 1) and un-thread the needle, [tat next 8 double stitches using the needle thread, that was just un-threaded, passing the double stitches over the eye end of the needle ( photo 2 and 3): 2, p , 2 , p , 2 , p , 2 ], re-thread the needle (photo 4), and close the ring as usual (photo 5);

17. C: 2, p, 2, p, 2, p, 2, small picot for earrings hook, 2, p , 2, p, 2, p, 2; 18. R: 2, p, 2, p, 2, p , 2, ( joining to Element 1 according to the diagram), 2, p, 2, p, 2, p, 2, tie and cut.

Attach the hook for the earring. We make the second earring in the same way. And your earrings special for needle tatters ready!

Attention! SALE!

You can use the coupon code OFF10HAPPYPATTERN and guaranteed to get a 10% discount on the purchase of patterns in my store:

Now you can use this way for tat doily “Diana”. The pattern is here, please:

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How to reduce the pattern tatting.

How to reduce the pattern tatting. Very often on the Internet you are see tatting pattern that very much likes you! Whether a doily or earrings, a bracelet or a tablecloth … But for some reason the size of a lace decoration, indicated in the instruction, does not fit for You. How to reduce the size of the finished product? I have three ways. Each ways has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, my tips will be useful to you!

Way 1 how to reduce the pattern tatting.

Take a little thinner threads, as indicated in the instruction. And weave according to the pattern, not changing anything! Look at the difference between the earrings I made from Threads # 10 and # 20.

The advantage of this way is its ease.
But there are disadvantages: you can not know for sure what size of the finished product you will get 🙂 . And when changing the thread size the pattern works perfectly not always.

Way 1 how to reduce the pattern tatting.

Remove the last Row from the Pattern. For example:
In this Doily there were 4 rows and a size 10,6 inches in diameter.

Remove off the last, fourth row. And in the third row add the picot for a more logical pattern completion.

Way 3 how to reduce the pattern tatting.

Remove some middle rows from the pattern. For example:
This pattern has 8 rows, the finished doily size is about 9 inches. I want to exclude 5 and 6 rows.

Tat 1 – 4 rows.

Divide the finished piece into 4 parts mentally. (If the finished piece is very large, it can be divided into 8 or 12 parts for easy drawing).

Draw the border of the fourth row (one quarter. In order not to use the large size of the paper page).

Draw the fifth row similar to the seventh (graphic diagram). There will be fewer repetitions of elements in this row, of course (we are reducing the pattern. Do you remember ? ☺ ) Now we can weave a “new” fifth row. The size of the tatted elements should match the drawn elements. Record the appropriate number of double stitches in rings and chains. ( R: 5, p, 5, p, 5; C: 8, jp, 8 )

We continue to the end of the row. That’s what will get.

Draw the sixth row (this will be the last row in the pattern). You can copy a pattern from a graphic diagram or be creative and add something new. I changed the design slightly. And again: the size of the tatted elements should match the drawn elements. Record the appropriate number of double stitches in rings and chains.

The finished doily is approximately 6 inches in diameter. This size corresponds to the drawn pattern.

If you liked the third way, you can use this to create your own designs!

Thanks for reading!

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