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Bracelet with cute story

Bracelet with cute story, or how I was looking for a name for a new bracelet.

When I was picking threads for this bracelet, I imagined a cute Barbie doll. Barbie style suggests just such delicate, romantic and soft colors. But I can’t call my bracelet Barbie, because it could be copyright infringement. I always urge masters to treat copyrights of any artist reverently and honestly. So I went to the internet, haha! By the way, at the same time I learned some interesting facts. You probably know how I love to learn new interesting stories.

Bracelet with cute story
Bracelet with cute story

Some facts about Barbie

Barbie first appeared at the children’s goods fair in New York (1959). Ruth and Elliot Handler created this amazing doll. It is believed that the prototype of the famous doll was Bild Lilly, the heroine of erotic comics published in the newspaper “Bild Zeitung” (Germany). Barbie’s full fictional name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

The first Barbie cost $3. Ah, I can’t even imagine how much a collectible Barbie can cost today!

Nowadays, there are many models of the famous doll and her family and friends. Also huge number of all kinds of accessories, computer games about Barbie are also sold. In 2004, the cartoon “Barbie and the Nutcracker” was filmed. In my opinion, few toys can compete in popularity with this blonde Barbara!

I think you will also like my new bracelet with this cute story. By the way, you can make such a bracelet according to my master class.

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I have to admit that this post was not easy for me. It is hard not to think about grief and misfortune in my country. And I am deeply grateful to everyone who supports and prays for our free, strong and independent Ukraine! Thank you my dear friends!