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Tatting Josephine knot

Tatting Josephine knot, or laziness is the engine of progress.

Hello, everyone! Let’s talk about laziness. Is it really true to say that laziness is the engine of progress? But what about creative impulses or bouts of vanity? As an unselfish desire to benefit humanity or a thirst for enrichment? Yes, no one has canceled human passions! But let’s briefly “go over” the history.

Once upon a time, primitive people climbed tall trees to pick fruits. But one “lazy person” did not want to climb up the hard bark. He picked up a stick, threw it up and – ta-daaaam! – knocked down a juicy sweet fruit. So the ancient man learned to use a stick as the first tool.

Years passed, humanity developed. Cities were built, trade arose. Oh, how difficult it is to deliver goods on your own shoulders. And again, some “lazy person” decided to attach round supports to the box and forced the donkey to drag this improvised cart. I imagine what a sensation this procession made at the old fair!

Well, I hope you get my point! And of course, they appreciated the sense of humor! Now I’m smoothly moving on to my own laziness, ha ha! My regular readers know that I really like to “complicate” my work. I’m too lazy to wind the thread on a small shuttle, so I try to take larger shuttles. By the way, this makes it possible not to increase the thread during operation. And this is my main goal, because I hate to hide the ends of the threads. I am horrified at the mere thought that by the end of the last knot I will have to hide 50 (or 150) tails of threads! This is especially true for multi-row patterns.

Of course, I didn’t “invent the wheel” when I started using false picot, split ring and split chain to go to the next row without cutting the thread. My subscribers must have watched the video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

But while creating a new snowflake, I thought, why not make the same transition using a combined ring of Josephine knots? This snowflake is part of a Christmas garland.

I couldn’t find any links on the internet for this. Maybe I was looking bad, what do you think? It is also possible that this technique has the correct name. Write in the comments please. After all, the terminology in different languages has certain differences. Subscribe to my blog! And also watch the video of Josephine split ring, welcome:

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Ukrainian artist Svitlana Kochetova

Ukrainian artist Svitlana Kochetova. Or my reflections on my personal mission.

Hello, everyone! Today I want to start a series of stories about my talented compatriots, Ukrainian handmade masters. I really like to communicate with different people around the world. After all, thanks to the Internet, it has become absolutely accessible.

And recently I had a short interview with a wonderful beading master, Ukrainian artist Svetlana Kochetova.

Svitlana was born in Zaporozhye. After 4 years, the family moved to Vinnitsa. In this beautiful, cozy city, she grew up and developed her creative talents. Svitlana recalls with incredible warmth her grandmother, who sang Ukrainian songs to her grandchildren and instilled in them a love for Ukrainian culture. By the way, it’s not for nothing that they say that a talented person is talented in everything! Svitlana sings beautifully, knits and knits, embroiders, sews, draws.


Oh, how many hardships befell this fragile girl! In the “dashing 90s”, when there was no work, the country’s economy was in decline, banditry flourished, Svitlana was forced to leave Ukraine for Italy. Of course, it was very difficult. Hard work, loneliness, disorder … But creativity supported the girl in these difficult times. How many tears were shed, how much grief experienced. But, finally, happiness smiled! Now Svitlana has a home, a family, a caring husband and loving children. As well as cute pets that help her in her work! And now she can devote more time to her “passion” – beading.

In 2016, she saw several works of famous designers, beading masters. Surprise and admiration, as well as a great desire to do even better! And Svetlana started to create the first beaded necklace. Of course, free lessons on the Internet helped. Look, this is her first job. Incredible, right?

There are no boundaries for perfection. A true talent knows how important it is to develop and improve. Therefore Svitlana continued to study new methods and new techniques of beading. In 2021, at the Creativemente competition, the work of Svitlana “The Mistress of the Copper Mountain” received the First Prize!

Also then there were diplomas at other international competitions.

Battle of the Beadsmith

So, this year Svitlana decided to take part in the international competition Battle of the Beadsmith and act as a participant from Ukraine. This is how the master comments on his motivation:

It is my mission to my native country to be its voice in the world. At first, I wanted to make a necklace from two halves – blue-yellow and red-black. Blue and yellow are the colors of our national flag, and black and red are the blood, pain and aftermath of bombing fires. But in the process of creating a sketch, I decided to make Berehynia. This is the image of the Mother of Ukraine, who covers and protects her children, patriots of Ukraine, with her own hands. And let there be no blood and horror in this work, but let there be hope and faith in our victory and our happy and peaceful future! With thoughts about this and a burning desire for peace, I created this image. Therefore, I really hope that viewers will feel how many emotions and hopes are invested in this image.

I ask you to support Svitlana with your comments, share her work and wish her good luck in the contest!

The conversation with Svetlana also made me think. What is my mission? I try to tell the whole world about Ukraine, about its heroes, about its talents, about our struggle for freedom and faith in victory!