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Carry the can

Carry the can

Carry the can, how I became guilty without guilt.

Hello everyone! Oh, how long have I not posted on my blog! I hope you didn’t have time to forget me. So be patient and read my post to the end, please. I so need your attention!

You know, I really like to get new knowledge and new experience. My native language is Ukrainian. I am also fluent in Russian. Also I am trying to master English and Italian. But in this I am helped by Google translator and articles on the Internet about the features of different languages. In the Russian language there is an expression “guilty without guilt”. You will be surprised for sure. It turns out that there is an idiomatic analogue of this phrase in English! Of course, I learned about it from the Internet. This phrase goes like this: “Carry the can”. Ha, I am amused!

So why did I start my post by saying that I am guilty and not guilty? It’s Complicated. I have announced a black friday weeksale in my store. Many visitors showed interest in my store. I am very grateful to you and happy. But, as technical progress is imperfect, alas. My hosting server is down. This is a catastrophe. Because for 6 whole days my store site did not work. How to be now? I invited you, but the door was closed. I am responsible for what happened, but I cannot influence the operation of the rented hosting. Thus, it turns out that I am guilty, but not guilty. Carry the can 🙂


I hope, you understood me. I apologize to everyone who wanted but could not make a discount purchase from my store. AND I CONTINUE SALE for you! Coupon code OFF10HAPPYPATTERN is valid until December 31st. By the way, this coupon is valid not only for patterns, but also for shuttles. You can check out my amazing tatting shuttles here:

But I haven’t been messing around this week, of course. First, I finished the pattern for the second Christmas bell.

Secondly, I started working on the tatting pattern for the jewelry box. But I’ll tell you more about this in the next post. In the meantime, only a photo.

Thirdly, I had an idea to create a new collection of earrings. With patterns, of course. Now I am drawing various options and also choosing threads and beads. Perhaps I need metal chains. I’m thinking …

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