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Three types of tatting

I have been tatting for over ten years and mastered well enough (I think šŸ™‚ three types of tatting! A long time, right? I am happy to share my experience with beginning tatters.

TattingĀ is a technique for handcrafting a particularly durableĀ laceĀ from a series ofĀ knots andĀ loops. There are three types of tatting : shuttle tatting, needle tatting and cro-tatting.

The first type:

Tatting with a shuttle is the earliest method of creating tatted lace. Historically, it was a metal or ivory pointed-oval shape less than 3 inches (76 mm) long, but shuttles come in a variety of shapes and materials. Shuttles often have a point or hook on one end to aid in the joining required in the construction of the lace. This method has a lot of possibilities and tricks. For example, shuttle tatting is good for making jewelry.

The second type:

The second type of the three tatting methods is the needle tatting . Use of the tatting needle became widespread in the 20th century. This method is good for creating large products. In my opinion it is easier to learn and faster. The result is similar to shuttle tatting but is slightly thicker and looser.

The third type:

Cro-tatting combines needle tatting with crochet. The cro-tatting tool is a tatting needle with a crochet hook at the end. In modern patterns, beginning in the early 20th century, the rings are tatted and the arches or chains are crocheted. Many people consider cro-tatting more difficult than crochet or needle tatting.
Cro-tatting is popular in Japan.

To show some tricks of these three methods, I made some videos. Welcome!

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