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Cro-tatting Lesson 6

Cro-tatting Lesson 6 , or the return to the beginning.

Hello everyone! This article is a continuation of Lesson 5. Therefore, follow the link if you have not read or watched the video of the previous lesson:

In the last lesson, we disposed of the remnants of the thread. Did you succeed? And I promised to tell you in detail how to connect elements of different colors correctly. Do not throw slippers at me, because I will again talk about the front and back of tatting! Of course, I do not in any way insist on my opinion. Because every artist is entitled to their own point of view. After all, every tatter is an artist! Do you agree? And who can tell the artist exactly how CORRECT? It is possible that you will like the product, which has specially made thin “stitches” of a different color on the front side of the work.

Cro-tatting Lesson 6 Front side
Cro-tatting Lesson 6 Front side

Front or back side?

In my classes for schoolchildren, I show the difference between the wrong side and the wrong side at the very beginning of lessons. Believe me, students perceive this very easily. By the way, it is in cro-tatting that the difference between both sides of the work is very clearly visible. Especially if you use double crochet in the pattern. How unexpectedly, I had an idea for the topic of a new lesson! If you are interested in getting a pattern using double crochet in the pattern , write me in the comments please.

Cro-tatting Lesson 6 Back side
Cro-tatting Lesson 6 Back side

But, it’s time to move from words to deeds, that is, to video! So video Cro-tatting Lesson 6 :

By the way, I have a video on this subject for shuttle tatting. Maybe this will come in handy too:

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How to make tatting grass

How to make tatting grass. My new video tutorial.

Hello everyone! See how cute lace appliques I made for my granddaughter. These cute pictures adorn my Maria’s nursery.

Of course, these tatting are made with great love for my angel!

I will not tell in detail how to make a butterfly. Because I’m sure that all tatters can do this! Even beginners lace-makers know that four rings can be put together in a cute butterfly. Do you agree?

How to weave a flower in 4 minutes, see here, welcome:

Also in my pictures there is a tree, a big daisy, the sun and a cloud. If you are interested, you can buy these patterns in my store.

Finally, today I did a new video tutorial on how to make tatting grass. And of course, in this video I show all three methods of tatting . It’s tatting shuttle, tatting needle and cro-tatting. By the way, for the shuttle, I showed two ways. Therefore, you can choose the one that you like best. But I will tell you a little secret. I like to use the second method (pearl weaving) for grass. Perhaps I don’t quite know the designation of this method. But you will probably understand me after showing video. Subscribe to my video channel, like and comment.

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Tatting little tricks

You already know that I like to use different little tricks for tatting. And today is another tatting little trick for you, my dear readers!

Nobody likes to hide threads after weaving. Is not it? I also do not like! Therefore, I try to leave as few trimmed threads as possible. For example, I made this doily WITHOUT CUTTING THREADS completely. In this case, I used split rings and split chains.

Do you think this is difficult? Not at all! Start by connecting the first and second rows of any doily. Often, patterns begin with one ring. For example, like here:

This is a fragment of the tatting pattern of the Japanese master Yusai Shokoin.

First, try not to cut the thread after the first row, use a split ring. And you can watch this process on my YouTube channel. By tradition, I am doing a video lesson for three types of tatting: tatting shuttle, tatting needle and cro-tatting.
Maybe, you may not using split ring very well. In this case, a detailed video tutorial on this topic will come in handy, I think!

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