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Gift for Valentine’s Day

Gift for Valentine’s Day! Do you like to receive gifts? I am sure that you like it very much, as I do! However, I love giving gifts too. Like I’m a real fairy. Soon Valentine’s Day. This is such a sweet holiday. Of course, this is a day dedicated to love. And the traditional symbol of love is the heart. So, this little heart I will send to the winner of today’s contest. This very cute gift .

Gift for Valentine's Day
Gift for Valentine’s Day

Conditions of the competition “Gift for Valentine’s Day”

1. Subscribe to my blog.

2. Leave a comment on this post.

3. The winner will be determined by drawing lots. First place – tatting heart in resin.

4.Also, subscribers who write the first ten comments will receive a personal 20% discount on the purchase of any item from the section “Tatting in resin”.

 The draw will be held ONLY among blog subscribers. You can subscribe in the window on the right of this post page. Announcement of the competition results on January 31th. So, if you want to receive cute keychain, hurry up!

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