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Who did win

Who did win? Have you been looking forward to this day, just like me?

Today I announce the results of the “Gift for Valentine’s Day” contest.

Thanks so much to all the subscribers to my blog. I am grateful to everyone for the attention to my blog and kind words. But, unfortunately, too few subscribers took part in the competition. However, I hope next time the activity will be higher!

Now I will tell you how I determined the winner. That was not easy. Because every commentator deserves a victory, in my opinion. Here are the names of candidates: Natalie, Наталья Зяславская , Maureen, Jeretta, Anke, Linda B, Suelyn Pemberton , Polina , Emilia , NANCY .

I wrote the names of these participants on small sheets of paper .

Then I rolled up the sheets and put them in a transparent container.

I made a short video of the most important moment. What sheet will I get? Who did win?

Congratulations, Maureen!!!!

Other participants: Natalie, Natalya Zyaslavskaya, Jeretta, Anke, Linda B, Suelyn Pemberton, Polina, Emilia, NANCY receive a coupon code for a 20% discount. You can use this coupon for any item in the “Tating in Resin” category:

Dear winner and participants! Check your email. I will send a letter how you can get your prize.

Congratulate everyone! Thank you for your participation and wait for new contests!
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