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Happy New Year

Happy New Year, my dear friends! I congratulate you on the beginning of the new year. Best wishes from all my heart!

Happy New Year – I wish you well,
What things may come no-one can tell.
Yet blessings surely can be found,
I hope that plenty come around!

I really like to celebrate the new year. This is a fabulous day. All of us at heart always remain children. Is not it? Therefore, each of us loves fairy tales, gifts, magic.

I really like decorating the house in Christmas and New Year traditions. Decor begins at the door, of course. This year I made such a wreath.

happy new year
Happy new year

But the most interesting is gifts. My granddaughter cannot wait to open gifts! My little angel is asking me. What will be in the boxes, what will be in the boxes? I was silent, did not give out secrets! But I felt sorry for my granddaughter. I said that I prepared the same gifts for everyone, but different at the same time. With this phrase I confused my baby completely. Can you guess what it was? This year I prepared unusual gifts for my family. These are coasters using technique tatting in resin, of course! 10 different coasters – it was not easy.


And for my friends I made snowflakes in resin. These are little cute souvenirs. These snowflakes look great on a Christmas tree.

Snowflakes in resin

The most important thing in these gifts is my love and a piece of my heart, which I put in each knot.

You can buy personalized coasters in my store. Any pictures, any compositions – nothing is impossible:

In conclusion, I want to tell you again, dear friends: Happy New Year! Be happy!

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Goodbye Halloween, hello Christmas!

I hope your Halloween was fun! You looked amazing in exclusive jewelry? But, Goodbye Halloween! And hello Christmas!

Christmas is the most wonderful holiday! Do you agree? And you still have time to prepare unusual Christmas gifts for your family and friends. So what are they giving for Christmas?

and too gadgets, bags, funny little things, home decor and much more.

So of course, everyone would like to receive an unusual, rare gift, one of a kind and made especially for you. Is not it? You can find such personalized gifts in many stores. But do all sellers give buyers the opportunity to be creative? And now you have the opportunity to create a personalized Christmas present. Unusual snow globe can not always be glass, it turns out! Come up with a unique design and say: hello Christmas!

personalized embroidery snow globe
personalized embroidery snow globe

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Hello Christmas!