Applique Magic Squares


Applique Magic Squares. Tatting lace picture. Lace picture with a riddle. Interior painting. Wall decor. Home decor. Rare item.


Applique Magic Squares, lace pieces with a riddle, tatting lace picture

I called this painting Magic Squares. Because the main fragment of the composition is six squares connected together. You might say that there is no magic in these squares. But believe me, tatting delicate lace, the tat process is the most real fairy and magic.

Give your family or friends a really special and personal tatting lace picture gift that they surely won’t get from anyone else.

There is a mystery in this lace pattern. You can test your powers of observation by finding a pattern breaking. It will also be a lot of fun if you test your guests this way!

Also, in more detail about the history of the creation of interior paintings with a riddle, I wrote in my blog. Welcome!

Please note that each item is unique. Because every lace piece is 100% handmade by me, so no two pictures are exactly the same.
You can order other designs and colors of lace, base and frame. Just contact me BEFORE ordering. Of course, I am ready to discuss with you the details of your custom order. Just let me know! You can write to me on the listing comment, email or FB:


23×32 cm frame size

Materials and tools

Mercerized cotton  threads  , scissors, tatting shuttles, glass effect polystyrene plastiс, plastic frame, felt base.


Tatting (Frivolite) – a French name special type of lace woven by hand using a small shuttle or a special needle. Automating the process of weaving lace tatting does not exist, so it’s only handmade individual work of the master. Therefore, buying lace tatting, you have a 100% guarantee handmade work.


I sending all items as STANDARD SHIPPING AVIA with tracking number. So you can follow the journey of your ordered items and keep track of the delivery.
I will pack your Applique Magic Squares in handmade eco-friendly cardboard box with my lace logo. Taxes, packaging, shipping are included in cost.

Usually delivery times vary from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the country of destination. But please note, during pre-holiday periods, delivery times may increase. You can buy express shipping here:
Express shipping 5 ~ 7 business days from the date the parcel was sent.

If you are interested in seeing the process of weaving tatting lace, then welcome to my YouTube channel:

Purchase with confidence, I am at your service. Please feel free to contact me with any question regarding orders or for other questions.




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