Lace red glove Lakshmi


Lace red glove Lakshmi, or slave bracelet ring is the name of a particular type of hand jewelry. The bracelet connects to the ring, as if leading it along.


Lace red glove Lakshmi is chic designer item . You can use this unusual lace accessory for yoga or meditation.

Goddess Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, love, prosperity (both material and spiritual). And fortune, and the embodiment of beauty too. Lakshmi in Sanskrit translation – “a good sign”, “happiness”, “Beauty”, “Luck.” So Goddess Lakshmi – “beaming, benevolent, wonderful, giving happiness, blissful “. Lakshmi – the goddess of abundance, prosperity, wealth. In addition, she is considered the goddess of good fortune and happiness. She is the embodiment of grace, beauty and charm. Therefore, she adherents are protected from all kinds of misery and poverty.

Goddess Lakshmi emerges from the water, she have symbol is lotus. Therefore I placed a small lotus in the center of the pattern.

You can buy the pattern for Lakshmi here:


The circumference of the bracelet is about 7 inches.


I made this jewelry using tatting technique. Tatting (Frivolite) – a French name special type of lace woven by hand using a small shuttle or a special needle. Automating the process of weaving lace tatting does not exist, so it’s only handmade individual work of the master. Buying lace tatting, you have a 100% guarantee handmade work.

Materials and tools

I used: mercerized cotton red thread size 10, shuttle tatting, scissors, vintage red button.


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l I invite you to watch the process of creating lace tatting on my YouTube, as well :

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