Mobile Phone Charm Ukraine


Mobile Phone Charm Ukraine can be easily clipped on your cell phone, bag, purse, shirt or coat zipper, keychain or anywhere else.


Mobile Phone Charm Ukraine

When creating this collection, I used small fragments of tatting lace. These are flowers and butterflies in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The yellow color is a wheat field, and the blue color is the blue sky above our Motherland. In each knot I put a piece of my heart and my love for our Ukraine.

I really like to create unique and rare products. In every little nodule I put a piece of my heart. And each time, embodying a new idea, I try to convey to you my love of tatting art. Therefore, I hope you enjoy the grace of the lace pattern and the purity of the resin.

Note! You only buy ONE phone charm. If you would like a specific item, just let me know. So, you can choose the option in the photo, please. Or I will send you what is in stock.


Free shipping!  I sending all items as “STANDARD SHIPPING” AVIA with tracking number , so you can follow the journey of your ordered items and keep track of the delivery. I will pack your order in handmade eco-friendly cardboard box with my lace logo. Packing, taxes and shipping is included in the cost. Your package will be shipped within 5-8 days from the date of payment. You will receive an email with the tracking number. Usually delivery times vary from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the country of destination. But please note, during pre-holiday periods, delivery times may increase. Of course, you can buy express shipping here:
Express shipping 10 ~ 15 business days from the date the parcel was sent.

Materials and tools:

Yellow and blue polyester threads, yellow and blue beads, tatting shuttle, scissors, molds for pouring resin, transparent resin for jewelry, tinted with blue dye.


Connection of the old tatting technique and the modern epoxy resin material. Tatting is rare art this days. So I got the Idea to keep these little dainty treasures in resin!
The resin becomes cloudy when exposed to sunlight after some time. Therefore, I apply two layers of a special protective coating to protect the product from clouding and damage. And your Mobile Phone Charm Ukraine will serve you for a long time, I’m sure!

Each Item made is unique and may have little flaws due to the pouring process.

I creating all items 100% handmade only, so each Item is unique and exact repetition is not possible. So I can make small changes.

You can see other tatting in resin here:

I provide discounts on two or more items, just contact me BEFORE placing your order. Purchase with confidence, I am at your service. Please feel free to contact me with any question regarding this design, for custom designs, shipping and handling, or for other questions. You can contact me by email or in my FB account:

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