Tatting pattern vest Orchid


Tatting pattern vest Orchid. PDF tutorial how to make a unique lace vest in a rare technique cro-tatting and needle tatting.


Tatting pattern vest Orchid. PDF tutorial for  romantic lace vest. I created this vest with threads orchid pink color and used a floral motif in the pattern. That’s why the vest got the name: Orchid.

This tutorial  is for a cro – tatting and needle tatting pattern. So, you will need Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reading software to access the file. The pattern is 8 pages long and approximately 3,19 MB in size. Cro-tatting combines needle tatting with crochet. The cro-tatting tool is a tatting needle with a crochet hook  at the end. One can also cro-tat with a bullion crochet hook or a very straight crochet hook. Many people consider cro-tatting more difficult than crochet or needle tatting. Some tatting instructors recommend using a tatting needle and a crochet hook to work cro-tatting patterns. Stitches of cro-tatting (and needle tatting before a ring is closed) unravel easily, unlike tatting made with a shuttle. But you can watch my video, where I show the basic techniques for working in technique cro-tatting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKBg6xUGZL8&list=UU3dn4_9pp7tIKA2k564wLBQ&index=33

This listing is for PDF pattern only, not the finished items. But You can buy a ready-made vest here: https://fairylace.kozinenko.com/product/lace-vest-orchid-pink/
Pattern contains written instructions in English, diagram , step-by-step photo process and drawing for a vest pattern.  Thanks to this drawing, you can make a vest for any size.


You do not need to download the file yourself.  Therefore, after confirming the payment, check your email specified in the order, please. I will send tatting pattern vest Orchid within 10-12 hours.
This tatting pattern  are for personal use only. Therefore, do not share, sell or copy these patterns.

You can sell finished item made from these patterns ( for this You must buy a pattern) – please give credit to the designer Elena Kozinenko from FairyLace.
But this does not apply to mass production.
Also, if you want to publish the finished jewelry please link back to or mention this shop where you originally bought the pattern. https://fairylace.kozinenko.com/product-category/patterns-tutorials/

My video tutorials will help for you, welcome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKBg6xUGZL8&list=UU3dn4_9pp7tIKA2k564wLBQ&index=31

Also, feel free to message me if you have any questions. You can ask your questions by contacting me on the FB as well:  https://www.facebook.com/kozinenkoelena

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