Vanilla and chocolate, tatting doily


Vanilla and chocolate, tatting doily. This name for a doily sounds delicious and elegant. Maybe, doily “Vanilla and chocolate” will become a delicacy in your interior!


Vanilla and chocolate, tatting doily

This doily created for connoisseurs of rare and sophisticated items. Beige lace foam on chocolate slices. I tried to reproduce this picture. The unusual thread color and luxurious pattern form the perfect combination. Do you agree?

This is a luxurious gift for housewarming or Easter. By the way, the 13th wedding anniversary is traditionally considered a lace wedding. Therefore, it is the lace item that will be the perfect gift for the wife on special day.

You can place doily in the frame and make the decor of the wall. So, I’m sure, this beautiful lacy doily would make an elegant centerpiece for your family table.


Size 38CM (15 in) around.


I made this doily using tatting technique. Tatting (Frivolite) – a French name special type of lace woven by hand using a small shuttle or a special needle. Automating the process of weaving lace tatting does not exist, therefore it’s only handmade individual work of the master. So, buying lace tatting, you have a 100% guarantee handmade work.

Materials and tools

To create doily, I used: mercerized cotton white thread size 10 brown and beige colors; shuttle tatting; scissors; and patience-patience-patience. I also put my love in every knot!

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I will pack your  tatting doily “Vanilla and chocolate” in handmade eco-friendly cardboard box with my lace logo. Taxes, packaging, shipping are included in cost. Usually delivery times vary from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the country of destination. But please note, during pre-holiday periods, delivery times may increase.

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