Wedding ring pillow blue


Wedding ring pillow blue. If you are looking for an extraordinary wedding ring pillow, this is exactly what you are looking for!


Wedding ring pillow blue. Amazing white  wedding ring pillow with blue handmade tatting lace and embroidery.

Your wedding ceremony will certainly be decorated with a unique white-blue ring pillow in a Victorian style. Handmade tatting lace and embroidered – this is what you need to make your wedding fairytale! Your groom will never drop the ring, if they would tie rings in unique pillow! You can keep this pillow and show it to your grandchildren through many years of happy married life. Because this will become your family heirloom!

Also you can create with me your unique pillow for the rings. What embroidery design do you want? What  text? Maybe another color?  Because nothing is impossible! I am ready to discuss the details of the order with you. For this, you can write to me on the listing comment , email  or FB:


Size of pillow without laces 8 x 5.5 inches (21 x 15 cm). Width of lace – 1 inches.

Materials and tools

I created this pillow of silk fabric and decorated with machine embroidery and handmade lace tatting.


FREE SHIPPING! I sending all items as STANDARD SHIPPING AVIA with tracking number. So you can follow the journey of your ordered items and keep track of the delivery. I will pack your wedding ring pillow blue in handmade eco-friendly cardboard box with my lace logo. Taxes, packaging and shipping are included.

I will send your order within 5-8 days from the date of payment. So You will receive an email with the tracking number.

Usually delivery times vary from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the country of destination. But please note, during pre-holiday periods, delivery times may increase.  And you can also buy express shipping here:
Express shipping 5 ~ 7 business days from the date the parcel was sent.

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