Bookmarks Chakras tatting patterns


Bookmarks Chakras tatting patterns, set of seven detailed master classes on how to make amazing bookmarks. PDF tatting tutorial.


Bookmarks Chakras tatting patterns , set of 7 detailed master classes on how to make amazing bookmarks.

I called this collection “Chakras”. Of course, I got carried away by reading articles about yoga and meditation! Also, I’m sure you know how important it is to be able to relax and meditate. Because this is our health, this is the health of our nervous system. But every day we get stressed. Try to meditate along with tatting!

Each bookmark consists of square motifs, a border and a tail. You know, squares can be assembled in any combination! And you will get a doily or a border for table linen. A border pattern can be used to finish the edge of a handkerchief.

I used #50 polyester threads red, orange, yellow, green, light-blue, blue and purplecolors. But you can choose any colors you like. I named this collection “Chakras” and used the appropriate thread colors. Also, each bookmark received a corresponding sacred name!

Level: middle. Therefore, you should be able to make Ring,  Chain,  Long Twisted Picot, Split Ring.

This item consist written instructions in English , graphic diagram and photo.  So, you will need Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reading software to access the file.  The pattern consists of 21 pages and has a size of about 6.04 MB . By purchasing this item, you get patterns for seven different squares, a border, and a tail. I also made separate pages with complete graphical charts for each bookmark.

This listing is for PDF pattern only, not the finished items. But You can buy ready-made bookmarks in my store, welcome:


You do not need to download the file yourself. After confirming the payment, check your email specified in the Order. Because I will be sent Bookmarks Chakras tatting patterns to you within 10-12 hours. Note: You will need to check all folders in your email. Because my letter may end up in the Spam folder if I am not in your contacts!

These pattern are for personal use only. Therefore do not share, sell or copy these patterns.

You can sell finished item made from these patterns ( for this You must buy a template) – please give credit to the designer FairyLace.
But this does not apply to mass production.
If you want to publish the finished items, please link back to or mention this shop where you originally bought the pattern.

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