Personalized embroidered quilt


Personalized embroidered quilt. Create personalized unique embroidered quilts. From design development to the implementation of your idea in a finished product.


Personalized embroidered quilt – this is an absolutely unique gift for a wedding, anniversary or housewarming. Because this quilt will be created in a single copy by your order and can become a real family heirloom!

Please read the product description carefully BEFORE buying!

Tell your story in an embroidered quilt!
Would you like to have your own one-of-a-kind patchwork quilt? Everything that you like, everything you dream about, everything that you love will be in this quilt.
Any drawing, any color, any size – an embodiment of your imagination. I have about 40,000 embroidery designs to find your theme. You will become the owner of a chic satin embroidered quilt, made in a single copy!

Attention! I make quilts ONLY TO ORDER.

How it works:

You order the design of your quilt. Design development costs 12 dollars. You get ONLY a JPG file!
For design development, I need to get answers from you to these questions:
1. Who will this quilt for?
2. What is the theme of your story (nature, travel, sea, glamor, animals, flora or fauna, etc.)?
3. What colors do you want (you can choose several colors in photo 2)?
4. Do you want to embroider a figures(photo), or a geometric pattern (photo)?
5. What size quilt do you want?
6. Will the quilt be used on the bed, or on the wall?
7. Which do you want the reverse side of the quilt (single-color or drawing)? This side I make of quality cotton fabric.

Making a quilt:

I develop the design of your quilt within three days from the moment you answer the questions and I send you the JPG – file in the e-mail. Also I tell you the cost of the quilt and the time of production (this depends on the size of the quilt and the complexity of the work – from $ 500 to $ 1,500).

If you approve the design and are ready to order a quilt, I draw up a personal order for you and you pay an advance payment of 50% of the order value. I will keep you posted on the processing, and I will sending for you a photo of the process.

When the quilt is ready, I will add a second personalized listing for you in my shop and let you know. You will pay the remaining amount (50%) and I will send your personalized embroidered quilt within three days of the last payment.
ATTENTION! If you do not pay for the order within 14 days of the completion of work, I put the quilt in free sale. Advance does not return!

To discuss the details of the order, you can write to me on the listing comment , email  or FB:


The size of the quilt is specified by the customer.

Materials and tools

I create quilts for you from satin, butted, cotton fabric, high quality embroidery threads. I also use the latest technology to create quilts. And, of course, I put love and a piece of my heart into each product!




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