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What am I doing in quarantine

What am I doing in quarantine

What am I doing in quarantine.

Hello everyone! I hope all my readers and subscribers are healthy too. Take care of yourself! Stay at home!

So, we cannot make a difference. But we must change our attitude towards this situation. Let’s look at our “house arrest” in a positive way. Look, how many positive points I have identified for myself! Firstly, I chatting with my family every minute of every day. This is real happiness! Secondly, I teach my angel, my granddaughter to weave lace. Thirdly, we follow fashion. Fourth, I can not rush anywhere. So, first things first. 🙂

I am proud of my granddaughter. She is very talented. Maria made this bookmark for her math textbook in 4 days. Do you remember that my granddaughter is only 7 years old? And I just recently showed her how to make a tatting needle. This is phenomenal, isn’t it?

Of course, Mary does not leave our quiet corner. But I sewing a mask for her too. This is very relevant now. So that’s fashionable. (Do you remember that we are only looking for positive points?)

And I am gradually coming to the end of my new project. Because tatting is my passion. And my motto: not a day without lace!

I told what am I doing in quarantine. What are you doing? Write in the comments how quarantine affects your life, please. Can you find a positive?

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