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Tatting in resin part 5

Tatting in resin part 5. Hello everyone! Without a long introduction, I continue the story of how I do tatting in resin.

So, our mixture of resin and hardener is ready. We made a transparent, homogeneous substance.

Now I fill the molds with resin using a syringe.

At the very beginning of the work, I calculated the required volume of resin and divided it by 2. Do you remember? Because I fill the molds only to half. I tried to fill completely, but got a sad result. In this case, the lace is deformed and bent in resin.

Then I cover the filled forms with a plastic container. I use forms after cakes, but you may find something else.

And I cover a plastic container with a piece of cloth. I hide tar from the sun, so as not to get terrible yellowed products.

Now I will leave the resin for about 2 hours. I observe the degree of cure of the resin, because this is a very important point. You should get a soft, sticky surface. But the resin does not have to be very liquid. Because then the pieces of lace are deformed. And we will get a sad result. By the way, I tat in advance pieces of tatting .

Then I put pieces of lace and beads in the molds. I do this with tweezers. After all, it turns out neater and more convenient.

After that, I cover the molds with a container and a cloth. I can do other things now! Typically, the resin solidifies completely after 20-24 hours. After that I continue the tatting process in resin.

Tatting in resin part 5. Second fill

So, the next day I repeat the pouring process. That is, I mix the resin and fill the second half of the molds.

I get 2-3 air bubbles in the fill sometimes. And then I easily remove the bubbles with a wooden stick.

And then I put the molds under the container and the fabric again for 20-24 hours.

I hope you are not very tired of reading such a long text. “Tatting in resin part 5” turned out to be the penultimate post about my experience. But now I suggest you have fun and relax. Have a nice weekend! I will finish the topic “tatting in resin” next time necessarily. Thanks for the support and attention to my blog.
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