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Brain training

Brain training, or how I decided to make a picture with riddles.

Hello everyone! If you read my previous posts carefully, then you know that I decided to seriously study the Italian language. Oh-ho-ho! Sometimes I hear my brains creak! 🙂 But I won’t give up, believe me! How do you train your brain? I found an interesting article on the Internet. And of course, I share with you.

Solving crosswords delays brain aging by 10 years, according to a study by researchers at the University of Exeter and King’s College London, the Daily Mail reported.

Indeed, neurologists have known for a long time that in order to maintain the performance of the brain with age, this organ must be trained in the same way as the rest of the body. It is no coincidence that people engaged in intellectual work, for example, scientists, for the most part retain clarity of thought and good memory until old age.

There is a separate branch of “neurobics” that studies various exercises for training the brain. According to the creator of neurobics, Professor Lawrence Katz, you can “load” the brain anytime and anywhere, the main thing is to make it work outside the box.

Here are some tips from Professor Katz:

– Carry out standard actions in an unusual way: for example, wash your face, closing your eyes, brush your teeth with your left hand (if you are right-handed);

– Break the usual patterns: change routes to work – from work;

– Learn poetry and foreign languages at any age;

– Try to update your life with new activities and hobbies;

– Solve crosswords and puzzles;

– Try to make spontaneous decisions, be easy-going.

Lace picture with a riddle

You may ask why I put a lace picture at the beginning of the post. Everything is very simple! These pictures are a kind of rebus, a puzzle. In each piece of lace, I made a violation of the pattern. In order to find the “error”, you need to very carefully analyze all the patterns in the picture. It also trains the brain a lot. Alternatively, you can check your guests this way. I assure you, this is fun!

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6 thoughts on “Brain training

  1. It’s really interesting, Elena! Train your brain, and it won’t age for many years.

    1. Oh, thank you for your kind words, Polinochka! I hope brain training helps us all!

  2. Bravo!😃

    1. Thank You so much, Ruth!

  3. Okay, I took up the challenge to locate your ‘errors’ in each lace – who can resist a challenge?! I found them easily enough (Because I was looking specifically for violations ;-P) in most except for the 2 lower edgings. Was it perhaps brain overload by the time I reached those, LOL.
    Interesting article. I always enjoy your posts <3

    1. Thank You so much for the kind words, Muskaan! I am glad You were carried away by my idea of looking for “errors”. And You don’t have to worry, Your brain is fine. It’s just that the three small pieces at the bottom can be considered one task. Because these are repeating elements.

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