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Difficult week

Difficult week, or when you need help from friends.

Hello everyone! Oh, really, I went through a rather difficult week. I have not visited social networks. Also I haven’t written anything on the blog. I couldn’t even make a new pattern. I was very busy, excited and upset. My husband had a complicated heart surgery two years ago. He was examined last week. Alas, things are not very good. Of course, we will fulfill all the doctor’s orders. I hope in the Lord and in you, my dear friends! We need your prayers.

In this difficult time tatting is my salvation. This is my meditation and relaxation. Now I calmed down a bit and was able to finish the pattern with my new square doily. Do you remember my collection Summer mood? This is my collection of long picot patterns. You can see samples of Summer Mood here:

I cannot deny myself the pleasure of “extending the summer”!  This doily is called “Just a square”. And the peculiarity of this pattern lies in the use of chains ONLY. So a new doily took its place among them:

But that’s not all! I made another square doily. Because I really like this shape. But, as usual, I can’t think of a name for the new doily. Help, help, help! What does it look like?

Please write your name options in the comments.

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14 thoughts on “Difficult week

  1. Beautiful as always. Wishing your husband health a full recovery ♥️

    1. Thank You, my dear Polinochka! I hope everything will be fine.

  2. Your new one looks like a basket weave with daisies. Not sure that is helpful, but that is what I see.

    1. Thank You, Barbara! “Basket with daisies” sounds very beautiful!

  3. Name for doily : Pretty Checkered Square.

    1. Thank You, Carrie! Interesting name!

  4. I love them both they remind me of a quilt square

    Ginny W

    1. Thank You, Virginia! Yes, if you make them with multi-colored threads, there will be realy a quilt square!

  5. This square looks like “the queens garden.” How lovely it is.
    -Ruthie M.

    1. Thank You so much, Ruthie! It sounds absolutely solemn!

  6. I love the second square – it looks like a quilt square! How about Quilted Garden for a name?

    1. Thank You, Kathleen, for the kind words and for the original name.

  7. Your work is gorgeous. I would call the new one Reflections. Lovely. Hugs to you and your familly for your husband’s good recovery.

    1. Thank You so much, Terry, for Your kind words and support. I believe Your kind thoughts will help my family!

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