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Instant Christmas Gift for tatters

Instant Christmas gift for tatters, or one question and one piece of advice.

 Hello everyone! In this post I want to ask you one question and also give you one good advice (so it seems to me)!

First a question. Perhaps you will find it strange to hear this question: cheaper or more detailed?

But I will try to explain. You may remember my lace jewelry box. I finally took the time to create a tutorial about this box. Trust me, it takes time and effort. Moreover, I personally do the entire process of creating a pattern. I invent it myself, draw a graphical diagram myself and test the created product myself. Yes, I don’t invite testers! This is a very delicate topic for me. Because I want to be 100% sure of the correctness of my plan. And also I am personally responsible for the quality of each of my tutorials. Perhaps someday … 🙂

Instant Christmas Gift for tatters
Instant Christmas Gift for tatters

Ah, I’m distracted. If I only do the pattern for the lid and sides of the box, I won’t spend a lot of time and materials on it. Accordingly, this pattern will not be expensive. But if I do a FULL detailed tutorial on how to make a box from the beginning to the last knot (this is a lid, sides, bottom, fasteners), then, of course, I will spend a lot of time and materials on it. Here’s my question. Which option do you prefer, cheap or detailed? It is very important for me to find out. Write in the comments, please.

Now my one piece of advice. I hope you enjoy my thought. Although (I’m sure) this idea is not new.

Christmas is near! And the issue with the delivery of parcels is especially acute. Have you made your Christmas orders online? Awful workload of postal warehouses in different countries. If you haven’t taken care of this beforehand, then your package might be here (I’m sorry):

But there is a good way out. I think the best gift for a tatter is threads, tools and patterns! Do you agree? Unfortunately, the threads and tools will not arrive before Christmas. Therefore, remains INSTANTLY LOADED pattern ! Show the next paragraph to your friends and family (ha ha!).

I suggest you buy any pattern, or a whole set. Of course you can do it at any store, but check mine first, please! Moreover, the 10% discount on all patterns continues until December 31st! Coupon code OFF10HAPPYPATTERN

And print the purchased pattern. Moreover, all my patterns are created in PDF format and you can easily print them on your home printer. For this purpose, in addition to the pattern, I created a cute picture. See how cute your gift will look!

Do not forget to wear a protective mask before giving your gift! Believe me, this is a nice and very useful gift. But if you are very strict in quarantine, I can send your purchase to any email address you specify. To do this, just contact me before buying by email or FB:

I look forward to your comments and questions! Happy Holidays!

8 thoughts on “Instant Christmas Gift for tatters

  1. Good advice! And never worry about an item arriving late .

    1. Thanks so much for Your support, Polinochka!

  2. Speaking for myself, because I don’t have a creative bone in my body, I would need a full and detailed pattern if I were to attempt to make the box!

    But perhaps you could offer both options, the simple instructions and the complete pattern.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Maureen! Two options – this is a great. I will most likely do so!

  3. When a design is a bit out of the ordinary, such as your box, which requires construction, I find that I have better personal results when I have a more detailed pattern with instructions.

    1. Thank You, Karen! Yes I agree. Because some aspects of work require a detailed description.

  4. There are some things that really need a detailed pattern and others that don’t. Could you possibly offer both and then the person could choose which would be best for them?

    Thank you for the pattern and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Lynne! This is really good advice. I will post both options, most likely. Merry Christmas to You too!

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