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Summer soon

Summer soon, or how I enjoy the sun and warmth.

Hello, everyone!

Ah, finally it has warmed up here. I am immensely happy about the beginning of this spring. I know it was snowing in some places recently. Whoa! Perhaps some of my readers love snow, but not in the month of May, HA HA!

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So, summer is coming, hurray! I think the wonderful lines of the poet Edel T. Copeland will tell better than me about this wonderful time of the year.

Rippling crystal waters shine like silver to reflect summer’s glow.
Soothing and calming in rhythm, echoing its lyrical flow.
Magical music of nature, a symphony of splendid delight.
Skies like blue oceans in paradise, birds soaring to grasp full flight.

Gentle swans glide gracefully, elegant yet proud and strong,
Birds and bees in unison, the joyful hum of nature’s song.
Rolling summer meadows shimmer, like jewels in Mother Nature’s crown.
Embellishing fields of emerald green draped in its golden gown.

Light sweet air blows softly, scented by sweet cherry blossom in bloom.
Delicate, pretty petals lifting to dance in harmony with summer’s tune.
The sounds and scents of summer, its melody light and free.
Sands of gold that glisten, embracing waves of a warm and whispering sea.

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Summer soon

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  1. These are a new style of tatting in doilies, totally different looking! What is the sticks you are using to gauge your picots with? Where do we get them? I think they are necessary to make these correctly.

    1. Thank You, Sandra! Oh, I don’t think this is a new style! I just used long picots. I wrote in detail about different picots templates on my blog here, welcome:

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