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Tatting with netting needle

Tatting with netting needle, or how I use unusual tools.

Hello everyone! Thanks everyone for supporting my blog! Also, I thank you for the many answers to my question about the tatting tools you use. Today I want to tell you in detail about the wonderful netting needle tool.

So, first, a little story.
When I started tatting, I gradually mastered new tools and new techniques. Oh, this is very interesting! Besides, new knowledge does not allow our brain to “stop”, ha ha!
Once I saw amazing photos of Celtic patterns and decided I needed to do it. But how to do it? You will understand that the shuttle cannot be threaded through very small closed pieces. Therefore, another tool I needed. I used a weaving needle as a shuttle. I also tried long plastic celtic weave shuttles. It all works, of course. You will probably agree with me that the Internet is a super invention. How else would I see the mesh weaving kit? Unfortunately, then in our country there was not such a variety of accessories for needlework. And we have not even heard of online shopping!

So, I saw what I needed. I even found out the name of this instrument and told my sister about it. You cannot even imagine my delight and my gratitude to my little sister when I received a package from her with gifts. Oh, it was a real treasure! I unpacked and took out threads, stabilizers, scissors, tatting needles, templates for kumihimo and so on (the list is very long). And at the bottom of the box, I saw two netting needle kits!

Tatting with netting needle

I liked the set on the left better. because the ends of the tool are neater here and it is easy to wind the thread around them.

Tatting with netting needle

The needle has a small hole for tying the beginning of the thread.

Tatting with netting needle

But it turned out I can use this needle for tatting with beads too. This is very convenient because a huge amount of booster threads can be placed on this needle.

Tatting with netting needle

You can watch a small video of how I tat using this tool.

Please note that when working with this tool, I use the second method for the shuttle. You can also see several tat methods on my channel.

Finally, I used igloo mesh to create my Summer Mood collection. By the way, all patterns are available in my store, welcome:

In addition, you can get the perfect connection with long picots using a netting needle.

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How to make a triple picot

How to make a triple picot, or Romantic Geometry.

Hello, everyone! I recently started a new project – creating a collection of small squares. Of course, everyone knows that a square is a geometric figure. And tatting lace, it seems to me, is a very delicate and romantic art. So I decided to name my collection Romantic Geometry.

Geometry (from the Ancient Greek: γεωμετρία; geo- “earth”, – metron “measurement”) is, with arithmetic, one of the oldest branches of mathematics. It is concerned with properties of space that are related with distance, shape, size, and relative position of figures.

Originally developed to model the physical world, geometry has applications in almost all sciences, and also in art, architecture, and other activities that are related to graphics. Of course, I could not help but use a beautiful geometric shape – a square. In addition, you can assemble a large doily of any size from small squares. To do this, you just need to attach the squares to each other. By the way, from several squares you can make a rectangle too, try it. I’m sure you will like it!

In two new patterns, I use a triple picot. So, You can watch a detailed video tutorial on my channel on how to make a triple picot, welcome:

And, of course, six patterns with detailed instructions and graphical diagrams are already available in my store. Welcome!

I am always glad to receive your comments and new subscribers. This means I’m not blogging for nothing. Your support is very inspiring to me. Thank you!

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What to do at home

What to do at home. Or what kinds of handicrafts can you do?

What to do at home
What to do at home

Hello everyone!

I haven’t written an article on my blog for a long time. Some bloggers try to do this every day! But I will not bore you with my constant “presence”! Moreover, I have so little time to create content, alas.

First of all, I create tatting patterns. And I really love doing projects of other tatting masters. I like intricate and original patterns.

Secondly, I love sewing. I sew clothes for my family. This is one of my works.

These are dresses and denim bags for my daughter-in-law and eldest granddaughter.

Thirdly, I love to sew quilts with embroidery. And I make blocks in the hoop on an embroidery computer. This is an exciting activity! Because I like coming up with designs and creating compositions.

Do you like my big embroidered patchwork quilt?

This photo clearly shows the embroidered elements.

I also like to do macrame, knitting, crocheting, luma weaving, kumihimo. I have not forgotten anything? Also string-art.

But I do my drawings without nails. I do this on recycle DVD discs.

Oh, what a mess it is in my workshop when I sew or embroider.

Let’s call this a creative mess. Ha ha!

But in any case, I always keep one special place in my workshop in order. This is my “tatting corner”.

I pamper my back with this soft sofa.

This is my new doily from the Summer Mood collection. As usual, I need some time to describe and draw this in a computer program. But I will try to do it soon. Until then, you can check my patterns. Perhaps you will find a fairly interesting pattern for yourself.

What to do at home
What to do at home

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Write in the comments what types of needlework you are doing. Perhaps you are not limited to just tatting. Because now the question is especially acute: What to do at home. 😀