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How to make a personalized tatting shuttle

How to make a personalized tatting shuttle?

Hello everyone! My granddaughter graduated from second grade (all the marks are on top, of course!). After such a busy year, the child should rest, right? And now my Maria is relaxing about sea with her parents. Therefore, I can devote more time to my tatting.

I told in one of the previous posts how to choose tatting tools.

I admit, I like to use shuttles the most. I thought that there are many beginner tattoos and masters of this art who also love to use shuttles. And yes, I consider tatting art, do you agree? Therefore, I decided to create unusual shuttles. Let it be “lace for lace.”

So I thought, creating my first collection of shuttles.

These were shuttles with flowers using the tatting technique. There are 154 knots in each flower! To weave these mini pieces, I used the thin embroidery threads. This is part of my stock! I’m not a threadsholik ( ha-ha-ha! ), I just love different colors!

But how to make a personalized tatting shuttle? For this, initials are needed. Many attempts, a few torn threads, and as a result, a collection of personalized shuttles is ready, cheers!

How to make a personalized tatting shuttle
How to make a personalized tatting shuttle

Perhaps you will appreciate the filigree of my work by watching the video. I tried to show with what thin threads letters are made. Do not worry, my hands are not so scary really! This is a very close-up shot.

What color shuttles do you like more? Perhaps you have suggestions for choosing thread colors. Write in the comments which combination of shuttle and letter is your favorite. These may be unexpected and fresh decisions, I am sure!

You can see and buy ready-made shuttles in my store:

Take care of yourself!

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Additional tools for tatting

In a previous post, I told you about how to choose tools for tatting. I hope you made a choice, and my experience has helped you! Today we will continue this topic. So I promised to talk about additional tools that I use for tatting.

First, you will need scissors, be sure! Oh, how hard it is to control yourself! There are an infinite number of different scissors, and almost all of them are really beautiful. But believe me, it’s enough for you to buy one or two scissors, this is quite enough (you can three … ha ha!). And it is better to choose small scissors with short blades.

Secondly, knitting markers. You can use paper clips. I often take paper clips, they are thin and do not make large “holes” at lace.

Thirdly, a sewing needle is useful. It is better to choose a thin needle with a wide eye. Nobody likes to hide the ends of threads after weaving, but … we have to, right? I’m sure, if you have a “strong character” and you tightly tighten the double stitch , so you will need pliers ( very small !)! Check out my video on how to use pliers, welcome.

Fourth, do not forget about the hooks! You may have chosen shuttle with hooks, or tatting needles. It is wonderful! But three or four crochet hooks are very useful. Take different sizes of hooks for different thicknesses of threads. Hooks will help when connecting weaving elements. Very good hook for working with beads. I bought the most thin that I found.

Fifth, stock up on needle threaders. You can take the simplest. With my poor eyesight, the needle threader is an indispensable helper.

Sixth, for beginner tatters (and for experienced ones too), a templates for picots is very necessary. You can take a “tatting needle and picot gauge”. But I do not like bulky tools. I use homemade cardboard templates. You can make them as many as you like, any width and length!

Seventh, I have another “magic” instrument – an ordinary very thin wire. With its help, the variant of leaves (cluny) is woven. And the wire can be used as a hairpin when stringing beads and beads on a thread.

I am sure that each craftswoman has her favorite additional tools for tatting. Tell us about it in the comments, please. Subscribe to my blog. Comment and ask questions. I will be happy to help with tips! And of course, do not forget to visit my store, welcome!