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Tatting in resin part 3

Tatting in resin, part 3.

Hello everyone!

I am got a lot of chagrin and disappointment, alas …My previous post gained few views and comments. Are you not interested? In this case, my efforts make no sense. Why am I wasting time and effort describing my experience with tatting resin? I know how to make tatting in resin. 🙁 I thought you would be interested in this topic. Because after starting publications on this topic I received a lot of views, reviews and suggestions from visitors to my blog. Sorry, but I have to appeal to all readers again. Subscribe to my blog and leave comments, please. Of course, only if you are interested! 🙂 Because without feedback my blog does not make sense. Sorry for the emotions …

So, “Tatting in Resin, Part 3”. Today I will talk about the threads that I use.

In previous posts, I wrote how difficult the thread selection process was. Because the thickness of the thread is very important for the size of the finished sample tatting. I determined that the most suitable threads are thickness # 50 (for my projects, of course).

I chose two types of thread: cotton and polyester.

Most I like to weave thin cotton threads. These threads are made straight, tightly twisted. I tat very small pieces, therefore quite difficult to hide the end threads. But it is enough to make a strong knot and shortly cut the end treads. I made sure, that in this case the knot does not untie and tatted piece not deteriorate. By the way, I noticed an interesting effect! I get a brighter shade of thread when I put a piece of tatting in resin.

Tatting in resin

But I want to say that polyester threads are also good. The more that I found surprisingly gentle pastel shades of different colors. Do you see how these threads glisten in resin?

I am sure you will like these pastel colors.

And I was convinced, that the shade of threads is brighter in the resin. I think this is a consequence of the refraction of rays in a transparent resin. But I will not bore you with the study of physics and optics!

I checked, for polyester yarns it’s not enough to knit and trim the end. I had to slightly melt the ends of the thread with fire. Yes, it works! But I got a little problem. You must be very careful with a white thread. 🙂 Because with arson the themes darken.

I got unpleasant yellow spots on white threads. And oh horror! They spread in the resin, like ink stains. I was forced to throw it away.

In any case, now I try to be careful when working with new threads! First I make trial samples. And of course, I “try on” each woven piece into molds.

Oh, I do not want to tell how many times I changed the pattern for “Rose Garden Alphabet”! But the final result was suitable!

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And finally, I want to show part of my “theme collection”. Oh yes, I’m not a threads holic, I’m a thread collector! haha
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