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Tatting in resin part 3

Tatting in resin, part 3.

Hello everyone!

I am got a lot of chagrin and disappointment, alas …My previous post gained few views and comments. Are you not interested? In this case, my efforts make no sense. Why am I wasting time and effort describing my experience with tatting resin? I know how to make tatting in resin. 🙁 I thought you would be interested in this topic. Because after starting publications on this topic I received a lot of views, reviews and suggestions from visitors to my blog. Sorry, but I have to appeal to all readers again. Subscribe to my blog and leave comments, please. Of course, only if you are interested! 🙂 Because without feedback my blog does not make sense. Sorry for the emotions …

So, “Tatting in Resin, Part 3”. Today I will talk about the threads that I use.

In previous posts, I wrote how difficult the thread selection process was. Because the thickness of the thread is very important for the size of the finished sample tatting. I determined that the most suitable threads are thickness # 50 (for my projects, of course).

I chose two types of thread: cotton and polyester.

Most I like to weave thin cotton threads. These threads are made straight, tightly twisted. I tat very small pieces, therefore quite difficult to hide the end threads. But it is enough to make a strong knot and shortly cut the end treads. I made sure, that in this case the knot does not untie and tatted piece not deteriorate. By the way, I noticed an interesting effect! I get a brighter shade of thread when I put a piece of tatting in resin.

Tatting in resin

But I want to say that polyester threads are also good. The more that I found surprisingly gentle pastel shades of different colors. Do you see how these threads glisten in resin?

I am sure you will like these pastel colors.

And I was convinced, that the shade of threads is brighter in the resin. I think this is a consequence of the refraction of rays in a transparent resin. But I will not bore you with the study of physics and optics!

I checked, for polyester yarns it’s not enough to knit and trim the end. I had to slightly melt the ends of the thread with fire. Yes, it works! But I got a little problem. You must be very careful with a white thread. 🙂 Because with arson the themes darken.

I got unpleasant yellow spots on white threads. And oh horror! They spread in the resin, like ink stains. I was forced to throw it away.

In any case, now I try to be careful when working with new threads! First I make trial samples. And of course, I “try on” each woven piece into molds.

Oh, I do not want to tell how many times I changed the pattern for “Rose Garden Alphabet”! But the final result was suitable!

You can buy this pattern and make a small personalized keychain. I remind : you can buy any pattern in my store with a 10% discount until December 15th. Coupon Code: PATTERNXMASDECOR

And finally, I want to show part of my “theme collection”. Oh yes, I’m not a threads holic, I’m a thread collector! haha
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18 thoughts on “Tatting in resin part 3

  1. Thank you for sharing all this information. Beautiful tatting in resin.

    1. Thank You, dear Polina! I really appreciate your support!

  2. Thank you for all your efforts. I have been reading your posts. Just not a big commentor. Blessings.

    1. Thanks so much! Your feedback is very important to me! This is very inspiring!

  3. I would actually be interested to know about your thoughts on why the color changes!

    1. Oh, I was surprised when I discovered this! Thank you, Bebe, for your attention to my blog!

  4. thank you for all the information. i have been wanting to work with with resin and now i have a better idea on how it works with tatting.

    1. Thanks Michele! Your review inspires me, really! I’m glad to be helpful.

  5. Thank you for your interesting article for tatting in resin.
    I am looking for a way to stiffen tatting to make a small bowl for a dolls house. Any idea? Can I do that with resin?

    1. Thanks so much, Kerstin, for Your kind words and interest in my blog. Yes, You can make a bowl for a doll house, of course. Nothing is impossible! But the main difficulty is that You need a suitable form for filling. I think You can use the two halves of the mold for the ball. If You insert one mold into another and pour the resin between the molds, You will get a beautiful bowl. But experiments are needed!

      1. Thanks. Perhaps I will try.

  6. I have been working nights and haven’t had a chance to go back to your blog….I am very interested but it will be a bit before I get to it….
    Thank you and I am sorry 😐

    1. Thanks, Deana! I am glad that you are interested in my blog. You are always welcome!

  7. I love your series on tatting in resin. I am new to both crafts and want to try I have supplies and was going to just wing it, but foynd you and I am so happy. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much,Ruth, for Your kind words and support my blog! I am happy to be of help to You!

  8. I appreciate all the effort you have put into your tatting & resin adventure. Your results are beautiful! Thank you so much for for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! Your words are very important to me. Such kind reviews are very inspiring.

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