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11 ways add bead in tatting

11 ways add bead in tatting, or “maybe it would be easier to sew?”

Hello everyone! I’m sure many tatting masters have used beads at least once to decorate their products. Of course, this adds charm and shine to thread products. Do you agree? There are two directions of tatting, where beads and crystals are used in large quantities. These are Ankars and Beanile. Today I will not dwell on each of them in detail. Because the purpose of my article is different. I want to tell you how to correctly separate the beads between the shuttle and ball threads.

Sometimes people ask me: isn’t it easier to sew on beads? I answer – do as you like! And if we sew on a bead, then this is method 12, ha ha!

First, let’s remember what the threads in tatting are called. These are ball and shuttle threads. By the way, I again strongly advise you to use the link and read detailed information about the terminology on the ABS website.

In today’s video I use one shuttle and a ball. Therefore, I will not “wander into the thick forest” and talk about options with two shuttles. So, I’m starting!

11 ways add bead in tatting

First way add a bead in tatting

This is the easiest way (like method 2). We simply insert the bead into the picot on the Ring. To do this, we place the bead from the SHUTTLE thread in the loop on the hand. Place the bead between your fingers so that it does not interfere with your double stitches.

Second way

Ways add bead in tatting

Here we also insert a bead into a picot, but on a Chain. Please note that the bead is located on the Ball thread.

Third way to add a bead

This bead is placed on a picot between two Rings (or Chains, it makes no difference). This is where you need a little more skill! First, measure the bead and select a suitable picot meter. Make the first Ring (or Chain) with a picot of the required size (we did measure the required length of the picot, didn’t we?!). Then make part of the second Ring (or Chain) to next picot. This will be a join picot with the previous element. Place the bead on a thin crochet hook, pull the picot through the bead and make a join picot. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this clearly, but the video will help us!

Way four

How add bead in tatting ring

Bead on the Cord Thread inside the Ring. The bead is located on the SHUTTLE thread. To add a bead in this case, you do not need to move the bead into the loop on your hand. You just need to move the bead to the work in the right place and continue double stitches.

Fifth way to insert a bead in tatting

11 ways add beads in tatting

This method is a variant of the previous one. But the bead is located at the base of the Ring. To do this, we need to move the bead from the SHUTTLE thread into the loop on the hand. And when we form the Ring, the bead will be exactly where we planned!

The sixth way

Add bead in tatting

As in the two previous methods, we add a bead to Core Thread, but in the Chain. And pay attention, the bead is located on the SHUTTLE thread, from where we will move it to the place we need.

How to add a bead to tatting, method seventh

This method is convenient when we use one shuttle. Add a bead to the SHUTTLE tharsd BETWEEN the rings. In the photo you can see the ball thread under the bead too. But this is also a possible option!

Eighth method

Add a bead to the BALL thread BETWEEN the two CHAINS. Have you already guessed where this bead was located?

Attention! Aerobatics!

These two options will require your concentration and dexterity. We will add a bead to the center of the Ring and Split Ring! I won’t bore you with a description (thanks for your patience!). But it’s better to watch the video please.

11 way

Add a bead to the middle of the Ring using extra thread. It’s elementary! I like this method.

So, I talked about 11 ways add bead in tatting. I’m sure now you know where to place the beads before starting work, on the shuttle or on the ball! And you will use beads more often and more variably! Look what my new bracelet looks like. I used methods 4 and 8. However, there are also sewn ones! The pattern is available in my store, check:

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Tatting with beads and little trick

Tatting with beads – a great way to decorate lace. Tatters are very creative masters. Do you agree? To create lace products, not only threads are used. For the realization of new ideas, tat-artists often use unexpected materials. For example, looks great tatting patterns with zigzag ribbon.

Else beads, rhinestones, and cabochons are relevant additions too. The desire to realize new ideas inspired talented artists to create new techniques in tatting. Angelina Rozanova, her daughter Ekaterina (Rina) Stepnaya and Anjella Safonova is talented masters and autors ANKARS tehnique. At present the works of ANKARS masters look further removed from tatting than at the beginning (some twenty years ago), and the difference lies in technique: innovative methods, new elements, and a new approach.
Nina G. Libin connected in new art form two elements widely used since ancient times – Beads and Knots . This is tehnique BEANILE .

I love tatting with beads too. Some projects cannot be imagined without beads. For example, this collar for dress. I called it “Sea glass.” Whimsical Pattern reminds me Whirlwind of Sea Waves. White Beads shine in the Sun.

Detachable blue collar necklace for Dress Sia Glass

I sometimes use beads with thin holes in my projects. It is difficult to put such beads on a needle with thread. Doubly folded thread does not pass through such a little hole. Maybe my little trick comes in handy. 🙂

You will need: PVA glue, scissors and 5 minutes of your time!

First step :

soak the end of the thread with glue.

Second step:

gently spread the glue over the thread, as if forming a needle.

Third step:

Hang the end of the thread vertically and allow the glue to dry (5-10 minutes).

Fourth step:

Cut the thread obliquely, imitating the tip of the needle.

Fifth step:

Carefully string the beads onto a thread, using the end of the thread as a needle.

So, voila! We are ready to create lace masterpieces!

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