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Viva l’Italia!

Viva l’Italia, or as Italy celebrates its national holiday today!

Today, May 2, Italy celebrates its national holiday – Republic Day (Festa della Repubblica).

From Italy with love #Italyformene team © La Repubblica columnist Ezio Mauro writes about how Italy can celebrate Republic Day with its head up:

“It is clear that now, at the time of the coronavirus, there are practically no folk festivals in honor of the Republic. … Citizens hidden behind protective masks remain in the unknown: when will this many-month nightmare end? The fear has not gone away, especially now that we seem to have found freedom again. But if you look back, then one thing should be admitted: if our country, which became a sad pioneer in terms of the spread of the pandemic among the Western countries, managed to resist, then this happened only due to the unexpected cohesion of society. Cohesion in an era of unrest and inequality, and also thanks to a spontaneously arising sense of community, which surprisingly survived under the shrill screeching of the prophets of selective and exclusively national egoism. “

Viva l'Italia!
Viva l’Italia!


Yes, we remember the difficult days and months Italy went through over the past year. And the more valuable is the optimism and steadfastness of this people! Perhaps it was these qualities that helped the Maneskin group to take first place. I’m sure , you watched Eurovision 2021. Of course, I admire the energy and outrageousness of the Italian team. Bravo! This is a great gift for the Republic Day.

Salone del Mobile. Milano.

I want to share with you a little family secret. Italy is the favorite country of our youngest son. He has been there several times and was a participant in the world famous Salone del Mobile exhibition. This year, the traditional spring exhibition was postponed due to the coronavirus. So, we can visit Salone del Mobile.Milano 2021 in autumn, 09/05/2021 – 09/10/2021. Therefore, I made a small photo collage. You can see here some of our son’s designs from the Milan 2017 show. We are proud!

I also want to invite my readers to a wonderful group on FB “Il Grand Bazaar del Chiacchierino“. This group is for those who love tatting! Join us!

Ah, I cannot stay away! And so I made some patterns with Italian translation. Because Italian is sooooo beautiful! Difficult though 🙂 So check my Italian patterns please:

And as usual, I will be very glad for your comments, questions and new subscribers!

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  1. Good wishes for your son’s success
    and I really like your edging.

    1. Thank you so much, Jeanne, for the good wishes to my son and for supporting my blog!

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