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What is cro-tatting

What is cro-tatting, or do tatting masters deserve poems?

Hello everyone! I want to say Wow! No not like this. Wow Wow wow! This is my cry of joy and pride. And we especially need these positive emotions in this terrible time.

I want to thank the editor of Simply Crochet magazine Alison Maney ( link to the magazine website: ) and blogger Rebecca Parker ( )for their support and help in popularizing cro-tatting. Of course, it was very difficult for me to talk about such a rare, but very interesting type of tatting in a short interview. Because I am equally passionate about three types of tatting and am ready to talk about them for a Thousand and One Days (almost like Scheherazade!). Besides, I always forget that brevity is the sister of talent, LOL!

By the way, the article is called Crochet’s Quirky Cousins. You can read about Tunisian, Bosnian crochet and cro-tatting in this article. And also look at photos of the works of talented masters of their craft. You’ll understand why I’m proud. After all, it is a very honor to be in the company of such talents! Also I hope my subscribers recognize photos of my work!

Magazine pages with my cro-tatting works

What is cro-tatting
What is cro-tatting

I am also glad for this publication because cro-tatting is undeservedly deprived of attention from tatting and crochet masters. So, how can I briefly say what cro-tatting is? This is a symbiosis of crocheting and needle tatting. And it would be fair to put this type of lace making on a par with the rest of its sisters! Do you agree?

And not just publications in magazines. But also poems should be written about tatting! Agree, the lines from Guido Gezelle’s ode to a lacemaker sound very beautiful. “I love to watch you making lace…” I was very interested to learn about the work of this unusual author, a monk who wrote poetry in the Flemish language. And then I thought, maybe there is a poet who will glorify the masters of the shuttle, needle and hook? Alas, I do not have such talent. But for now I can shoot a video where you will see the beauty and grace of this wonderful type of needlework!

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2 thoughts on “What is cro-tatting

  1. Oh, ELENA, Congratulations on your article, it is WONDERFUL!! I love your tatting work and am not surprised you were a featured artist 🙂
    I admire your spirit considering the horrific circumstances you are experiencing, and I am continuously praying for an END to the stupid, murderous war.
    Take care and blessings to you, your family and all you love, and Ukraine!!
    О, ОЛЕНА, Вітаю з твоєю статтею, вона ЧУДОВА!! Мені подобається ваша творчість, і я не здивований, що ви стали популярним художником 🙂
    Я захоплююся вашим духом, враховуючи жахливі обставини, які ви переживаєте, і я постійно молюся про припинення цієї безглуздої, смертоносної війни.
    Бережіть і благословляйте Вас, Вашу родину та всіх, кого любите, та Україну!!

    1. Dear Nancy! You have no idea how your wonderful words inspire me! Your prayers help me get through these terrible times. Only the support of family and friends around the world keeps me from falling into despair. And kind words and compliments inspire me and don’t allow me to give up my creativity. Love, Elena

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