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Lace and music

Lace and music. My favorite music.

Hello everyone!

I have a very short post today. I wanted to share a wonderful mood with you. By the way, do you remember that I am creating a collection of Summer Mood patterns? Check which patterns have already been completed:

I have a wonderful craft room. And it’s not always a complete mess there 🙂 Remember? I shared with you what is going on around me when I create sewing projects. Fortunately, tatting doesn’t require a lot of space, a lot of materials, and doesn’t create a lot of clutter. Do you agree?

We have a very large music library. But our sons say that this is not relevant, alas. In the age of fast internet, you shouldn’t collect discs. Because we can listen to any music directly from the Internet. But to me it is like reading paper books. A special smell, rustling of pages, a beautiful cover. How can you compare this with a book on your phone?

I put a few music CDs for myself in the workshop. This is my favorite music: jazz, rock, soul, and of course classical music.

Lace and music
Lace and music

I am a musician. Therefore I understand and love classical music ( I think!). And today I listen to Mozart with pleasure. Divine music!

I want to share with you my mood, lace and music. So, one minute of video, welcome. And come back to answer a few questions, please.

So, I invite you to answer a few questions:

Do you like listening to music when you tatting or doing other handicrafts? Or do you like working in silence?
Which music do you like?
Do you have a craft room? Or at least a small corner where you can be creative?

Take care of yourself!

4 thoughts on “Lace and music

  1. I loved your short video. It was inspiring! I usually craft in silence or an audiobook or light conversation with a friend, but you may have inspired me to try music—since crafting with a friend seems to have stopped in COVID days. If I listened to music while crafting, it will be Christian, classical, or instrumental (flute, Kalimba or flute). I do have a craft room now that we have a house (2 yrs) that is inspiring to be in, but so cluttered that it is discouraging to begin a project. (I need to have things somewhat orderly before I feel I deserve to craft.) I joined a group to start making progress in this direction. 😉 I wish I had a tatting friend in my neighborhood—Preston, CT.

    1. Thank You so much for kind words, Judy! The craft room is the dream of many crafters! I am sure You can implement many great ideas. Yes, I agree, like-minded people help us to move forward and develop.

  2. Beautiful story! Now I understand why your tatting is magical, exactly like music. I love listening to pop music while making jewelry in my cluttered studio. Sometimes I even sing my favourite songs while working at my projects.
    Thank you for this post.

    1. Dear Polina! Thank You so much for the kind words! I know you have a magical voice. It is great that you sing while working on Your fine jewelry.

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