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Work on bugs

Work on bugs, or never fall into despair.

Hello everyone! Today I want to thank everyone who thinks of me, prays for my country and supports us in this terrible time. So I just can’t imagine how one can cope with depression or despair alone.

Yesterday I had a psychologically very difficult day. 400th day of open occupation, bombing and destruction of my country. Yes, my nerves can not stand it, alas. Although I try to do my favorite thing – tatting. But this is impossible. After all, creativity requires a special state of mind. Do you agree?

Ah, I had to reach out to FB tatting group members for support and prayers. My dears! I am extremely touched by your words and prayers. Also I low bow to everyone for not letting me fall into despair!

Fixing the bug connecting picots

Unfortunately, circumstances do not always give me the opportunity to be an active participant in social networks. But I’m trying! Recently I saw a post with a photo of an error in the finished tatting product and the question is whether it can be fixed. Of cource, all needleworkers know how much time, work, focus and diligence we put into each of our handmade products. And then, finally, when you can with delight say “tadaaam!” , you discover an unfortunate mistake. Ah, I forgot to connect the two elements with picots according to the scheme. What to do? How to fix? Throw everything away and start over? Well, how can you not fall into despair.

Work on bugs
Work on bugs

But my article today is titled: Work on bugs, or never fall into despair. So, the main thing is not to succumb to negative emotions. As you know, there are two ways out of any situation, one of which is correct, ha ha! So what can we do? First, you can throw away this work and do it all over again. But that would be just the wrong way out. Therefore, I suggest taking a sewing needle and a thin thread of the same color as our product. This way you simply sew each missing picot to the ring (or chain, if it fits the pattern). Of course, it is difficult to explain this process in words. However, we have an assistant – YouTube channel! My new video on this topic is ready to watch, welcome!

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