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What inspires me

What inspires me, or ideas are floating around!

Hello, everyone!

Surely you are interested in the title of this post. Yes, I really want to tell you where I get the ideas to create my patterns. Again. But very briefly. Because this is an unusually broad topic. And you can also tell me what inspires you. It is very interesting. Write in the comments, please!

Yes, ideas actually fly around us. You only need to be able to consider the beauty that surrounds you. This is the sky, sun, clouds, flowers. They are also sounds and smells. Of course, these are smiles and glow of eyes. Oh, but what about quarantine, you ask. To this I will answer you: go to the Internet!

Thanks to this invention, we can meet people from different countries. I have made friends with many talented artists, whose work I admire. And today I want to tell you about another talented jewelry designer and creator. She works in a complex and difficult technique of chain mail weaving of jewelry. Oh, this is unique! Trust me! This is Asia Azran.

The process of chain mail weaving of a bracelet from Asia Azran

How do these delicate feminine hands create intricate METAL patterns? It’s a mystery to me.

I will not publish many of Asia’s works. Just go to her FB account and admire it. You can even buy it!

I digress from the topic, it seems. We talked about inspiration. I really liked these earrings from Asia for their grace and brevity. However, the threads do not look like metal rings at all, alas. But the main thing is the main idea. So I decided to use metallic strands and pieces of metallic chain. Oh, I am a master of chain mail too (ha ha ha!)! Can you guess where my model is? 🙂

So, feel free to use whatever you see on the Internet. Anything you like will help your creativity. The main thing is the idea that is born when looking at the unusual, interesting and beautiful! (But I’m not talking about plagiarism, by no means!)

I named my new earring earrings Asia, of course! Asenka, thanks for the inspiration!

Earrings Asia tatting pattern

You can buy a detailed master class for earrings Asia right now in my store. Welcome!

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4 thoughts on “What inspires me

  1. Beautiful chandeliers! They will attract everyone’s attention.

    1. Thank You so much, Polina! Yes, they look very impressive, although they are not difficult to make.

  2. your earings are very pretty and I can certainly see your inspiration.
    I am wondering about woven split rings, if there would be a way to make the top metal flowers, buy usings interwoven split rings. It would take 4 shuttles I would think to do them.

    1. Thanks so much, Jeanne, for Your kind words and an interesting idea!

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